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This story was intense at times, action-packed, emotionally gripping, and entertaining. I enjoyed the story a lot. Some of the passion scenes did take place at odd, and I would think awkward, times but other than that I enjoyed it immensely.  Ana is on the hunt for her sister who has been missing and is blamed for several murders she knows she didn't commit.  Her last hope is the Calydon Quinn. He doesn't have time for Ana, especially as he realizes the moment he sees her that she is his destined mate. Their adventure was enjoyable and steady and I liked the plot and conflict. I enjoyed the concept that having a mate wasn't a good thing; that if a Calydon gave into his drive to bond with his mate he went rogue and became a dangerous monster. Quinn and Ana had to prove that myth wrong in order to open the door to the other Calydons finding their mates in the following books. I look forward to reading more about the Calydons and their destined mates.