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The last Lacey sister is content to stay home and take care of her eccentric uncle. Sam only wants to redeem himself in his older brother’s eyes, and in order to do that, all he needs to do is evict Alister and Juliette from their long time home. Juliette’s first impression of Sam is definitely not flattering and she hates him on site for barging into her home telling her she and her uncle need to move out looking like he had just fallen out of bed after a long night of drinking. A reluctant bargain is set that allows Sam to stay at the home, while Julie looks for proof that her uncle owns the house and not Sam’s brother. Sparks fly really quickly but Julie resists because she can’t trust the words of the notorious rake, Sam, and she holds secret feelings for his brother and thinks everything is just a big misunderstanding. But when Nigel proves to be far more the villain and Sam less the scoundrel, Julie can’t help but fall in love with Sam and he with her. The conflict was complicated and interesting. Which brother would she choose? And which brother was the real scoundrel and villain? I enjoyed their story and how everything ended well. I would have loved to hear of something befalling Nigel as poetic justice but I am glad how the story ended for Sam and Juliette. It was entertaining, passionate, had intense moments, and heart warming moments.