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A Wedding At Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

Book two in the Two Love Lane series focuses on the computer and math wise Greer. Since she was a little girl she has dreamed and planned her dream wedding and she has finally found the dress she wants. Now she just needs to find the perfect man. At an auction to try and buy her dream dress she runs into a stranger with a British accent and an intriguing personality. She doesn’t get the dress, and shortly after she runs into her ex that she walked away from four years ago back home several states away. She never dreamed of running into him on the streets of Charleston or that he would be with his fiancé or that he was friends with the intriguing British guy from the auction. So, things get a bit turned upside down in Greer’s usually predictable and dull life. She enters a contest to win her dream dress, gets into a fake proposal with the British guy, poses nude for his painting, and falls hopelessly in love with him.

Ford is in Charleston to get away from a disastrous breakup back home. He was left at the altar and his ex-fiance left him for his best friend. So he doesn’t trust love. He wants nothing to do with it and isn’t looking for any sort of relationship. But something about Greer and how she is so open and is going for what she wants, even in an unconventional way, intrigues him. He also wants to paint her, so they set up a partnership. He will be her fake partner in the competition to win the dress and she will pose for his painting. Sparks fly but he works really hard to keep his heart out of it.

I enjoyed their story. It was a cute, Hallmark-style romance but with a lot of passion thrown in. The conflict of him not being able to open up and trust again added some emotional tension to their love story and when he comes back to win her it was so romantic and perfect. I actually wanted more and wished the whole wedding was a little slower or that there was more after the wedding. I wanted more from Greer and Ford which was good. The author left me wanting more but happy with how things turned out. I wasn’t ready for it to end.