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I always enjoy more MacKenzie adventures and I really like how Ashley has set up these pre-Mackenzie romances focusing on the ancestors that brought us Ian, Hart, Cameron, Mac, and Daniel Mackenzie. Though I don’t like thinking too hard on the fact that the couples I’m falling in love with now are no longer around when the first books I read and fell in love with take place. Makes me hunger for immortal highlanders not mortal. Anyway, loved the adventure Alec and Celia have in the hunt for his missing brother Will. I do wish the part where he turns cold and distant for days and then suddenly tells her she can trust him when her life goes to hell was done a bit differently. She is such a strong-willed female I would have loved for her to give him a verbal set down and a piece of her mind when he turns cold towards her, or that he had to come to the realization that he couldn’t actually push her away like Lady Flora wanted him to. I wanted that small scene to be done differently. Other than that, I liked who ended up being the villains and who were not villains, and I liked how her mom didn’t get her way. Such a nasty woman. Their story and romance was sweet, passionate, beautiful, and adventurous from beginning to end.  Can’t wait for Will’s story.