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Monica McCarty is well known for her historical Scottish romances, especially her Highland Guard series, so when I heard she was going to start a new series set in modern times in Scotland focusing on Navy SEALS, I had my doubts. I was pleasantly surprised. She writes just as good modern romances as she does historical (though the Highland Guard will be really hard to beat).  I loved it. I liked the premise; a group of Navy SEALS that are betrayed and have to go dark in order to unearth who betrayed them. Dean is set up as a charter boat captain in a small village in the Hebrides of Scotland. He goes by the name Dan and he is very blunt and a bit rude to Annie who is there to protest oil drilling with her boyfriend. She is naïve and soon finds herself in a whole lot of trouble and it is up to Dan to rescue her, though he fights tooth-and-nail their attraction while they try and discover the real murderer, real plot that the ecotourists have planned, and get Annie to safety and Dan back into hiding. Dan finds it harder to leave Annie then he expects and when her life is threatened again he knows that he will never let her go again. It was passionate, adventurous, thrilling, suspenseful, and fun to watch Annie and Dean grow close together and fall in love. Loved their chemistry and their partnership. Great start to a new series by one of my absolute favorite authors.