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This one was passionate x 100 from start to finish. It kind of reminded me of Eli Perez and Catarina’s story, the one I’m not a fan of, but unlike that one this didn’t have that domineering vibe to it. It was crazy how they kept at it but their story and their struggle to trust also came through. When the truth comes out and Joshua is terrified of losing her and Sonia is devastated by yet another betrayal it was hard to watch.  I felt so sad for her and for him. He was nothing like her past experiences but she didn’t know that and the fears were so ingrained in her, of course, she was going to jump to the wrong conclusions. I like that he didn’t hold it against her but rather worked to prove to her he wasn’t wrong for her. Their story was intense, action-packed, and passionate. Not my favorite in the series but I did enjoy it.