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A Devil in Scotland: A No Ordinary Hero Novel - Suzanne Enoch This one was so full of adventure and plot. The characters had such a back story and obstacles ahead of them that I was 80% done with the book and thinking there was no way I was more than 50% done. It could have gone on for so much more, but loved every second of it. It was entertaining, complex, passionate, and downright good. Callum had a lot of resentment to overcome before he could trust Becca again. Ten years is a long time to hold a grudge and think the worst of someone. She has buried a husband and a father and is looking to marry a man she has been friends with for ten years through his partnership with her late husband. What she doesn’t expect, or want, is Callum, her brother in law, to storm back into her life and accuse her of having something to do with his brother’s death and spouting notions of vengeance against a man who has been nothing but kind to her during the past 14 months. He is so sure of his suspicions and she can’t help remember a time when they had been friends, though he broke her heart 10 years ago, that he draws her back in, in spite of herself. They didn’t come together ten years ago but now as they hunt for proof of murder conspiracies they can’t help but finally see in each other their other half. Their story was great, loved it and will have to go back and read book 1 and 2.