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Maybe This Time: A Whiskey and Weddings Novel - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin This is the second book by this author I have read and it was quite enjoyable. The characters were cool, the plot was entertaining, and the conflict strong. They have secretly liked the other since high school and twelve years later he is her boss. Now since high school, she has had a chip on her shoulder towards him, too. She overheard him say some nasty stuff when they were in school and she hasn’t forgotten it or let him have one peaceful moment. She is feisty, and likes to give him a hard time all the time. He has liked her for years but now that he is her boss he tries to keep his distance and their back and forth verbal spats don’t make it easy. But when he sees her with a rival bar owner, he can’t sit by silently any longer. Their chemistry was fiery, which isn’t surprising based on their back and forth verbal fighting. She is so insecure in why he might actually like her and her defense mechanism is to push away. They were sweet to watch work through their struggles and come to terms with their love for each other. It was an enjoyable story.