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Book two focuses on the playboy he-slut, (her phrasing for him) Beck, and Harlow Glass the school yard bully turned homeless girl who has been secretly living off the land the men now own that she lost. This one was so good. Better than book one because unlike book one Beck didn’t sleep with a sister first, he just slept with everyone else but when he sees Harlow stealing his pie from inside his home, he can’t let her get away. So he takes a page out of Jase’s playbook and hires Harlow as a freelance artist for his company. While having her work for him, he sets out to win her and she was hard to win. She knows his reputation and she knows that she can’t be a one-and-done girl on his resume of conquests. But she also can't help and see what others don’t, that he is just as scared as she is, but where her scars are on the outside, his are all internal. I loved it. Loved their story. Loved returning to Strawberry Valley and seeing how Jase and Brook Lynn are doing. These guys are so scarred and it takes a special kind of woman to win them for keeps. Great story.