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The Rogue Not Taken - Sarah MacLean Man, did King act like an ass more times than not throughout the whole story. The things he said to her was sometimes intense, I certainly was pulled into the story and felt for her so many times.  It was emotionally intense and I had a lot of times where I had to stop reading to have a mental argument, saying exactly what I wanted her to say to him anytime he said something harsh. There was only one love scene; which usually disappoints me, but in this case the plot line and conflicts the two had to face to get to the one time made it make sense. I think if there had been more full-on love scenes it would have actually taken something away from the story and the relationship between Sophie and King. Sophie's roller coaster of an adventure had a lot of emotional strife all perpetrated by King the idiot ass. But he does finally take his foot out of his mouth and makes things right and they both get their happy ending. I enjoyed this story. I felt so much for Sophie and I look forward to book 2. :-)