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The Secret of Flirting - Sabrina Jeffries The next book in the Sinful Suitors series brings us the very serious and often times rigid rule follower, Gregory Fulkham. He is the spymaster for the British government and he has been placed in charge of a conference to select a king or queen for the newly independent country of Belgium. What he never expected to see was the French actress that captivated him three years ago walk into the ballroom and be called the Princess Aurore of Chanay. He knows it is her but she insists on the farce and will not come clean. When her life is threatened, he whisks her off to his country estate where their chemistry heats up the page and their confrontation with the truth peaks. The story was great. The interactions between the two main characters was dynamic, explosive, humorous, and sweet. Loved every minute of Monique winning the rigidly standoffish Gregory and help him break many of his own rules. I loved it and it is another great Sabrina Jeffries story.