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I love paranormal and historical romance novels. I love talking about books and finding out about new authors and books to read. I also love supporting and promoting my favorite authors.


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Brock is a one and done kind of man with demons in his past that he is always trying to run from by drinking too much and sleeping with a new girl every night. Lyndie is a woman with an abusive past who can’t handle any sort of violence and doesn’t like being around men who drink.  Brock is good friends with Jude and Daniel. Lyndie is good friends with Dorothea and Ryanne. So the two are always seeing each other. She has seen him at the Scratching Post and know all about his conquests. He knows about her violent past and the fact that she seems to fear him. They both desire each other but have not acted on it because of all of their baggage and the fact they don’t want to ruin their friends relationships.  When Brock is told his father has died, he heads back to New York and finds out that his father's will requires him to get married in order to inherit the family business. He hates his mother and his mother hates him so he sees this as the opportunity to get a little revenge and decides that if he has to get married, very temporarily, in order to get that vengeance there is only one woman he can see himself married to - Lyndie.  It also helps that he has had the hots for her ever since seeing her at the Scratching Post, so it is a win-win if he can convince her to trust him.  Lyndie swore never to get imprisoned again in a marriage, but when Brock proposes a 1-month marriage she sees it as the opportunity to get something she has longed for - a baby. A deal is struck and they are married, but Brock is keeping one very big secret even while he tries to win her trust and her secrets.  Lyndie cares deeply for Brock and what he has survived and the longer she stays married to him, the harder it becomes to say goodbye, but when his secrets are revealed, will she be able to forgive him in order for both of them to finally have happily-forever-after or will she find herself alone once more?