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I enjoyed the adventure of the two main characters. The thief took the duke to task and I enjoyed how she turned his world upside down.  He was so stubborn and a great fit for her.  Their banter back and forth made for an entertaining story. It had the highs and lows and emotional tension that makes for good romance.  At times you truly think he is going to put her on a ship for America once they get the stolen items back, which built up the tension and sadness when she truly felt she was slowly losing him as the time drew near to end things. I also think this walk on the criminal side was exactly what he needed to break his rakish ways and force him to see the value of friendship and freshness that she brought to his life.  I don’t think a woman of his ilk would ever have satisfied him or caught him. It truly took someone like her to get him out of blind rut and show him how to truly live.  Their adventure and plot were great and I like that she kept him on his toes and continuously kept surprising him with her reactions and responses to things.  They were perfect together and the story was great.