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The story had strong characters and an entertaining plot. It had tense moments when he accuses her of embezzling more money and their fights after that were rough to witness, but it did make for a page turner.  I do think she forgave him a bit too quickly, especially with all of the things he accused her of, but other than that, the conclusion was enjoyable. I’m glad she got a happily ever after being she was the most selfless person in the story who never thought about her wants or needs; she deserved some happiness.  I really liked the role the Duke and Duchess played in getting them back together in the end; it reminded me a lot of Grace Burrowes’ Duke and Duchess from the Windham series, but in a more subtle way.  Their story was entertaining and well developed.  The cousin was a horridly perfect antagonist and the scene at the ball was terribly dramatic and added to the overall great story line. Overall, an enjoyable historical romance with characters you come to love and an entertaining story from start to finish.