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The Hero Within - Bec McMaster I think this is by far my favorite in the series.  Loved Johnny Colton and Eden McClain. Their adventure was action packed, intense, exciting and well-developed.  I loved the chemistry between the two characters and their backstory made for an even stronger plot and conflict; they really had to get over their connected past and forgive each other, and while doing that, they were having to fight Shadow Cats, Wargs, and Confederacy members.  Their relationship built steadily and slowly, which in their case was very good, if it was rushed it would have ruined the whole premise of the story.  It was a very well put together story. Great explosive passion and the character development was just perfect; it reminded me a lot of the London Steampunk series.  It had everything going for it. It is definitely one not to read out of order, you got to have read the others in the series to understand the hurdles the two characters had to face and knowing that made the story awesome.  I loved every second of it. A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion.