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I loved the second book in the River Ranch series.  Loved the back story, the characters, the conflict, the cameo of Ryder King from The Devil Wears Spurs, and the whole storyline was great.  Twelve years ago she walked away from the man she loved because her parents gave her an ultimatum, him or college.  He has never forgiven her for walking away without an explanation, and he never wanted to see the girl who broke his heart again, but when he takes a catastrophic spill while riding a bull, she is the only PT that has a chance at getting him back into bull riding shape.  There is only one problem, she has planned a vacation that is years over do and she will only work with him if he is willing to go with her.  She knows it is a mistake, but when she finds out the extent of his injuries she can’t say no. So off to Fiji for an extended stay and rehabilitation with the only man she has ever loved and who now hates her.  Their chemistry was great, the emotional tension added to the conflict, and their story was both entertaining and enjoyable.  Loved every second of it and didn’t want it to end. The author is quickly becoming a favorite. Her characters are strong and dynamic. Her story lines are entertaining and engaging and they are just fun to read.