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Laird of the Black Isle - Paula Quinn

Paula Quinn’s story telling is always epic, passionate, romantic, and the dialogue with its hints of the Scottish dialect always makes for a great read. I love her characters and her plot lines, and this one is just like all of the rest in the MacGregor series, epic and entertaining. Lachlan has scars, but they reflect more of what is damaged on the inside more so then what is on the outside. He couldn’t protect his wife and daughter two years ago and after going on a rampage of vengeance, he secreted himself away in his castle in the Black Isle with no intention of ever leaving. However, a messenger arrives on his door and says that his daughter is alive and if he kidnaps a MacGregor lass, then he will be told who has his daughter. He doesn’t know whether to believe it or not but the chance that she is a live is a chance he has to take; so he kidnaps Mailie and brings her back to his home to await the arrival of the man who wants her. What he doesn’t expect is a strong-willed, spirited girl who fights him every step of the way and has a sharp tongue that won’t leave him in peace. Mailie sees only a monster until she begins to see beneath his exterior gruff and cantankerous demeanor. When she finds out what motivates his actions, she can’t help but want him to find his daughter, though she doubts Sinclair told the truth. As they await a response to his message that he has her, they get to know each other and she doesn’t let him be. She forces him into the light and forces him to love again. I loved every second. Loved the characters and the storyline. The conflict and antagonist where strong and well developed. Paula Quinn paints a magical adventure set in the highlands of Scotland with characters that jump off the page and a plot that stays with you even after you set the book down. Loved it.