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Book three in the Sons of Texas brings us the oldest Loughman, Wyatt, and Callie. Their story is similar to Owen and Natalie’s; they had a relationship and then Wyatt broke things off and left 15 years ago with no intention of coming home. He is known as the cold brother because he never shows emotions and he doesn’t express his thoughts. He also blames his father for his mother’s murder and so he really didn’t want to ever come home to the ranch. He is also the only one how didn’t want to look for Orrin. He and Callie team up and Callie doesn’t hide how she hates him, and doesn’t like anything to do with him and his choices. She resents his disdain for a father that she would love to have as her own, and she doesn't understand how he can throw that away. She is quite vocal in her negative opinion of him, but while they hole up in a cabin while looking for clues to help bring down the Saints, they can’t run from their attraction. 15 years is a long time to build up tension and things get explosive. When Callie is shot, Wyatt decides it is time to head back to the ranch to make a stand. Along the way, new friends are found, old ones step in to fight, the father and sons are reunited, more members of the Saints are revealed and dealt with, and the culminating action at the end was epic. Great story. I’m glad Wyatt and his father mended things and that he stopped running from Callie. I hope this isn’t the last book in the series. So much has yet to happen and there are at least two men, maybe three, that I hope get their own book.