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Whiskey and Weddings is full of strong characters and great plot lines and book 3 is no exception. Jake is the playboy who doubts his worth due to not having a college education. Alex is a grieving woman who lost her fiancé weeks before their big day. Through that tragedy a friendship blossomed between Alex and Jake.  Totally platonic, the friendship grew over the course of the year she was deployed in Italy, but now she is home and retired from the military.  Jake has come to mean so much to her because he never judges and he always tells her it is ok to feel the way she feels. When he has to take a two week road trip to promote their whiskey, she doesn’t hesitate to go along to help him and to get away from how happy and in love her brother and his fiancé are.  During the trip, sparks do fly and she decides that Jake is the perfect person to have some fun with because she knows he doesn’t want anything long term either. When they return home they try to go back to just being friends, but when a health scare with Alex leads to her discovering that their safe sex wasn’t actually safe, she is at a loss as to what to do, but she doesn’t want a baby or a family or a life in the town she grew up in.  Jake is shocked to find out that he is going to be a dad, and he is pissed that Alex is wanting to deny him the chance to be in his baby’s life. He sets out to prove to her that this isn’t a set back but a gift and a new path for both of them. I enjoyed their story a lot. They were entertaining characters and their story was passionate, emotional, and just plain good. It is a great series, easy to get into and very entertaining.