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Overall, I thought the story was enjoyable.  I did think Stephen fell too fast for the kind of rake he is portrayed to be in the beginning.  I would have liked for him to keep thinking it was lust for a lot longer before realizing the lust he felt was actually love.  I thought that for a rake portrayed as stubborn and stuck in his ways and very determined to never get involved, he fell pretty fast. It didn’t take him long to start thinking about his feelings for her and how quickly his views changed, and I didn’t think her actions truly inspired that quick of a turn around. I wanted him to be a stronger rake type character that would be hard to win over, and he seemed to fall rather fast. Penelope was an interesting female character and her back story made her interesting and believable when it came to finding it hard to trust him. The story did end well and I really liked the epilogue. I love seeing how things end up after the last chapter, especially when time has gone by. The plot was intriguing and the conflicts the characters had to overcome were entertaining and made for a good story.  I liked it overall, I just like my rakes to be far more stubborn than Stephen seemed to be.