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Sirius Blackfrost has been the villain in this series from the beginning but he showed possible redeeming qualities in the last one when he rescued the handmaiden from his father and aunt’s wrath. She is a Drekling, half-blood, servant within the Dreki court and has always been invisible except to Sirius. For ten years, he watched her from afar never daring to reveal what she truly meant to him, but once they are off to catch up with the Princess he is supposed to mate with, she starts to see the real dragon behind the warlord moniker. He isn’t a cold-blooded cruel man at all but rather someone who will go to great lengths to protect his mate, even if it means she hates him. Their adventure was fun, exciting, entertaining, and fast paced. There isn’t a lot of passionate scenes but I was surprised how much that didn’t end up bothering me. The plot was such that it completely stands on its own as a romance without the steamy passion. I was happy when they finally got to be together, but for their story, if they had come together sooner rather than later it would not have made much sense to the plot and character development. They needed to wait. I enjoyed their story a lot and the series has definitely gotten better and better with each book. It isn’t her Steampunk, but it is definitely entertaining and fulfilling as a story and series.