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This wasn't my favorite in the series. I had a hard time connecting with the plot concept. What Gabe did 7 or 9 years ago was noble, but in the end, he was married and had a fling with Lexi. It was a bold concept for a Deborah to tackle and I certainly commend her for breaking barriers; however, with my own past experiences, I couldn’t get behind this love story.  It does end well for all parties and Gabe and his wife Daphne definitely didn’t have a real marriage, but marriage is marriage. I’m also shocked at how calm Gabe was when he discovers Lexi’s big secret that concerns how they met the first time 14 years earlier. How can he be so calm about it? I’m trying not to give any details away, there are some doozies in this one. I liked Gabe and Lexi, it is just how he wasn’t honest up front with her when they get together until after the fact that I found to be messed up. He should have been honest and things should have been resolved before they took things to the next step.