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The Duke I Once Knew  - Olivia Drake

Fifteen years have passed since Abby saw the Duke of Rothwell, and when she took the governess position at his estate, she never dreamed she would see him again. He had left her life, broke his promise, and never returned. She is tired of being at her family's beck and call and wants finally to do something for herself, so she takes the position as governess to his younger sister.  She is in for a world of surprise when not only does she see him again but she gets trapped in his library while he has an assignation with his mistress. How embarrassing when he finds her trying to crawl out of the room undetected.

He never wanted to return to his childhood home, and he certainly never wanted to see the girl he thinks spurned him when he moved away. He has lived a wild life in the 15 years since leaving, and as he is trying to seduce a woman into becoming his next mistress, what he doesn’t expect to find is the girl he once loved and wanted to marry in his employ without his knowledge sneaking around his library.

The chemistry between the two was great from the start and their back story added an interesting plot element as they try to come to terms with the fact that his father worked to keep them apart all those years ago.  I enjoyed their story a lot and the plot and conflict worked steadily to keep the story going from start to finish.  There were not a lot of slow moments and I liked the villain being the woman who wanted him for herself. Enjoyable all around and a beautiful love story.