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This was my first try at an audiobook and I am not sure I like the format or not. Have to mule over it for a few days I think. I’m a visual learner so not being able to see the words or imagine the story as I read it was a bit hard. But the story itself was good. Always enjoy a good Breed novel and the new spin-off series is great and opens up some fresh story lines. This was the second book in the series and the characters were good. He was definitely a rough dude; coarse, abrupt, and cold most of the time. She was an interesting character, though the reader was a male who tried to give her a Russian accent and that kept throwing me off. Him softening his voice anytime she spoke, I think, was one of the negatives of an audio book. The plot was good. The conflict interesting and kept me listening hour after hour. The book was like 6 hours long and I sat through the whole thing, start to finish. The story was good. Mixed feelings on the format.


What do you all think of audio books? Do you like them? Are there ones out there where females read the female roles and guys read the male roles or is it usually one reader for the whole book? I’m curious. Do you find it difficult to imagine the story? What are your all’s thoughts?