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I love the characters in this series so much. They are vibrant, dynamic, and so entertaining. Venom has been one of those very interesting characters from the very start. He always came across as cold and distant but with a subtle sense of humor that sometimes showed itself. Holly was a broken woman after Uram got done with her but it was clear from the very start that her and Venom had a connection. I loved their story; their banter and bickering was fun to watch. Also, seeing Venom slowly open up to her was sweet and beautiful to watch. I love them as a couple and their adventure was exciting. Uram is trying to make a resurrection and he is trying to through Holly. Holly knows that if Raphael and his Seven find out that Uram has been whispering to her to do things that it would mean her end. But she plans on going down fighting and comes to realize that once you are taken in by the Seven, you are family and they don’t give up on their own. Loved it and still love this series a lot.