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OMG!! Such an awesome conclusion to an awesome series.  It was perfect.  It was priceless.  It was romantic and passionate.  It was full of action and suspense, and the whole crew played a role in the finale.  Loved. Every. Second.  I almost don’t want to write a review because I don’t want to ruin anything; if you have been following along in the London Steampunk world.  If you haven't, where have you been and you need to go and read Kiss of Steel. The series is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite series. Malloryn and Adele are great and the way everything comes together was just plain perfect.  I highly recommend the series if you like strong characters, interesting and complex plots and setting, passionate love stories, and Steampunk. (And if you don’t like Steampunk or never heard of it, then start with this series… it is where I was introduced to the genre and it is just awesome). Ok, I’m done, not going to say anything about the plot and conflict and the build up of the relationship because I want to leave it for you all to discover and fall in love with.