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When a Duchess Says I Do (Rogues to Riches #2) - Grace Burrowes

Book two in the new series finds us with the cousin who was in charge of teaching Stephen in book 1. He was a reclusive character that clearly had a troubled past.  He now finds himself in charge of an estate he wants nothing to do with because of Quinn's wife's, Jane, need to take care of everyone.  They think by giving him something to be responsible for, he will settle down and be happy.  He hates the responsibility and wants to travel, not settle down. He just has to last 1 year with the estate and he will then be free once again to wander. He doesn't expect to be threatened in his own woods by poachers or be rescued by a wisp of the woman who clearly is need of help and several good meals. Matilda is on the run and in hiding from her fiance and father.  She needs to keep moving, but Duncan's offer of wages, a roof, and regular meals is hard to pass up, especially with winter setting in.  During the course of her stay, secrets are revealed, passions flair, and unlikely love blooms.  Their story was enjoyable. Duncan was an interesting character and I enjoyed watching him win over Matilda.  The plot was slow at times, but I did like this book better than book 1, My One and Only Duke, which I had a hard time connecting with. Overall, enjoyable, and I definitely am looking forward to Stephen's book. His character fascinates me and I look forward to his story.