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I love paranormal and historical romance novels. I love talking about books and finding out about new authors and books to read. I also love supporting and promoting my favorite authors.


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Heart of Stone (Bad Things #5) - Cynthia Eden

Sabrina is the last Muse to walk the earth and she has a stalker who is hurting women because he won't physically hurt her, his Muse. She goes to Luke for help and Luke is back at his machinations and his match-making because he sends Adam Cross to be her protector and to eliminate the threat.  When they get together the action is as explosive as the passion and the stalker is one crazy SOB.  The story has some emotional tension and Sabrina has to let Adam go in the end to save him, or so she thinks, which adds to the tension and pulls the reader into the heartbreak and the joy when they get back together in the end.  I enjoyed the story and the characters were strong and interesting. Another good one in the Bad Things series :-)