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Oh, so good. Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!  Skip to next paragraph if you don’t want to know. Go on, move to the next paragraph, you might not want to know this big tid-bit that happens in this installment...last chance...Ubitch dies. Finally. Yeah!  So good and her battle with Rhi was epic.

Ok, now for review, I pick up books by other authors and it takes work to read it. I pick up a DG book and it is the furthest thing from work! It’s an adventure, start to finish. Easy to read and easy to keep up with. So much fun. The battle finally comes with the Dragon King’s, Rhi, and Balladyn vs the Light Fae Queen and it is epic. The couple in this one I actually had a moment or two to think he wouldn't acknowledge that she was his mate. I truly had to stop and think, is he that stupid?  Even the other kings kept calling him an idiot because he wouldn't stop fighting it. Bernadette brought attention to herself by publicly saying she had evidence that dragons were real, so of course a king is sent to investigate. What they all didn't get at first was that the queen was behind it, again, until Bernadette went to Dreagan to get the other side of the story, ballsy on her part! Loved it. So good. Want more. Won’t say what else happens, but it’s EPIC!  You need to read it.