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A Kiss in Lavender (La Vie en Roses) (Volume 4) - Laura Florand

I loved this series, it is warm, sweet, romantic, and this one was all of those things.  Elena was a beautiful character with scares and Laura didn't lose site of even the smallest details with this character from start to finish.  Elena truly couldn't understand the concept of someone choosing her, based on her history of always being left behind or discarded.  Lucien had his own scars and I loved watching him reunite with his cousins, come to accept that he is still part of the family regardless of blood, and his reunion with his father was poignant. How he ended up choosing Elena up in the lavender fields was the perfect touch at the end of the story.  The only thing I wanted to see happen was to find out how Antoine was connected to the family, and that wasn't revealed. I don't know if there is going to be another book or not, I hope Antoine gets his own story, but other than that detail I enjoyed this story and the whole series.  It was refreshing and sweet and still had passion (which is a must) :-).  If you are looking for a classic romantic story with passion and just enough drama to keep you turning the pages, plus characters that jump off the page (love Tonte Collette and the grandfather SO much), I highly recommend this series.