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(There is a small spoiler in this review about Balladyn)

It has been quite a while since I read anything, or wanted to.  I have books for NetGalley I need to read, but couldn't bring myself to want to during these new times we have found ourselves in. Call it depression. Call it boredom. Call it a lack of motivation-Whatever it is, I found myself not wanting to read for the first time in years, even though I now find I have plenty of time to do it. So when I sat down to finally try, I knew I couldn’t go to the books that I had to read, because of their release dates or blog tours that I signed up for, I had to go to something that would remind me why I love to read, so I went to Donna Grant. Her stories and characters make it so easy to forget about reality. The emotional roller coaster her characters go on is a great distraction from the roller coaster that is real life stresses. The highs and lows between Cain and Noreen became an escape to peace and pleasure and freedom from the news reports constantly in our faces about Social Distancing, masks, and schools being closed.  Con is unraveling. The battle with the Others comes to one conclusion, but the final battle with Moreanne and Useail is still to come. Rhi is fighting with herself, Balladyn is back (no shock there and loved that scene between him and Rhi), the scope of Rhi’s power is almost goddess-like, the Reapers finally join in (about damn time) and well, all in all, this story was exactly what I needed to remind me why I LOVE to read!  Sometimes I get sucked into reading for the blog and forgot why I started the blog in the first place. To share the love of the books I want to read and the authors that I have come to follow because their worlds and characters and stories are just so life like and enjoyable that I want to share them with you. I think Con’s book is next and I can’t wait for it! This one was so good and the series is by far my favorite. It has everything you want in a romance series; action, suspense, passion, moments of emotional tension, humor, and characters that fly off the page!! I loved it. Now on to one of the books I signed up to read...