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Before Ben (Wilde Ways #3) - Cynthia Eden

These Wilde stories are always intense and entertaining and explosive. Book 3 doesn’t disappoint. This one focuses on Ben, Piper’s best-friend, who we met in book one and Courtney, someone that Ben has known since Law school. He has done a great job making her think he doesn’t like her and that he is a one-and-done kind of guy, but when he finds out she is in danger, he works extra hard to prove to her it was all a façade and that there isn’t anyone better to watch her back or her heart. I loved their story; I read it start to finish in about two sittings, which I haven’t done for a book in ages. Life seems to be getting more and more in the way of my drug of choice—reading. ;-) But this one I had to stick with till the end, nothing else mattered; it was that good. The whole series has been that good.  If you want explosive action and passion that is off the chart, check out the Wilde brothers and their Wilde Security Firm. Hot. Hot. Hot. From start to finish.

Texas Wildcat - Adrienne deWolfe

This story was really good. It was suspenseful, emotional, passionate, entertaining, and an all around great story. I really liked the characters and the plot. Start to finish the story was engaging and entertaining and enjoyable. I highly recommend it. Bailey has so much to struggle through, being a woman rancher during that era was tough, and it made the reader truly connect with her struggles. Poor Zach took on a very headstrong girl, but in the end he finally realized that that was exactly the kind of girl he wanted. Their story had all of the highs and lows, tense moments and sweet moments, and a plot that really kept me turning the page. Very happy I gave it a go.

"I received this book from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review."

Rogue Most Wanted - Janna MacGregor

This one had a very enjoyable plot and conflict. It was suspenseful and entertaining and I liked the two main characters, and the supporting characters from the Cavensham family. The passion was good, the romance developed well and wasn’t rushed, and the conclusion was perfect, though I would have loved to see a final confrontation between them and her cousin, the new duke. She was such a strong, modern character. She spoke her mind, wasn’t afraid of hard work, and wasn’t afraid to sacrifice for her responsibilities (though I am glad that in the end she didn’t have to). Will was a good match for her and the past jilting he faced added to the suspense and tension between him and Thea. Great and entertaining story all around and I continue to enjoy this series and loved seeing previous couples come back in and play roles.  

Jackson - Emily March

It was a sweet romance. The passion was tame, so if you prefer romance without the steamy sex scenes, then Emily March is for you. Her romances are sweet, wholesome, romantic, and could be set in real life. I enjoyed the story, but I would have liked more steam, if you know what I mean. The characters were strong and well developed. The plot moved steadily and wasn’t rushed, again could have been real life and/or Halmark. I did enjoy it a lot, just needed more steamy scenes.

Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty #1) - Sabrina Jeffries

So many new and wonderful characters in this new series and I can’t wait for more; each more interesting and dynamic than the next.  The first book in the series has the Duke of Greycourt, or Grey for short, and Beatrice, the poor relation who is in charge of organizing his step-father's funeral. The moment they meet, sparks fly, and not the types of sparks that lead to passion...yet. He is rude and takes her for an undertaker's daughter trying to scam his family, and she doesn't let his rudeness go unchallenged.  Loved their first interaction and it sets the stage for each one after that, where passionate sparks fly. She is outspoken, independent, witty, and intelligent and he doesn’t know how to handle a woman who isn’t cowed by him.  She finds him pompous and arrogant, and rude, but also can’t keep her eyes off of him during her coming-out lessons.  And they can’t keep their hands to themselves, either.  Together they have to figure out if his step father was murdered; her uncle, who died months ago, was murdered; and if so, by whom? I enjoyed their story, it is classic Sabrina Jeffries Regency: passionate, with strong characters and plot and it is the start to what is going to be a great new series. I look forward to more.

A Rogue by Night (The Devils of Dover Book 3) - Kelly Bowen

This was an enjoyable adventure about two smugglers as they fight against a fanatical captain, past heartaches, stolen paintings and injured prisoners, and the possibility of a happy future. I enjoyed the story and the characters a lot. They worked well together and their story progressed well and wasn’t rushed. This series keeps getting better and better and I really liked how strong Katherine was and how Harland kept getting surprised by how strong she was with each situation they found themselves in.  If you haven't tried this series, I do recommend trying it out, because they are all enjoyable stories.

The Earl Next Door (First Comes Love #1) - Amelia Grey

This one had its moments of great fun and passion. I did find the pacing a bit slow and I don’t like that it took her getting pregnant to realize  that Lyon wasn’t her dead husband and that he could make her happy. She kept saying she loved him, but it wasn’t enough until she was pregnant. Other than that, it was an enjoyable story and I am glad he stuck to his demands that they marry rather than continue an affair. The concept was good, I liked the aunt and the kids, they added to the enjoyment of the story. I wish that the story moved along at a faster pace, and there really wasn’t a villain and no dire conflicts in this one, which might have added in how slow I thought it was.

Legacy Found (Hell's Valley #4) - Jillian David

The last book in the Hell's Valley series brings us the final battle against good and evil, and the last Taggart sibling to find love, just the throw it away if the neighboring family's youngest, Izzy Brand. Izzy and Kerr have liked each other for years, but because of the vendetta between the two families, they have kept their distance.  Kerr is dealing with his own demon's on top of his families, but he can't keep his thoughts on the job at hand, he is too worried about Izzy.  Their story was good, it had the highs and lows that make for a great romance, and the final battle was intense.  He tries to push her way to keep her safe, but it doesn't work because she refuses to leave him to fight the evil taking over her family's ranch alone, even if he has broken her heart. I enjoyed their story.  Not my favorite in the whole series, but still very enjoyable and am glad that in the end Kerr wakes up before it is too late and asks for her forgiveness for the harsh things he said.  Great series and am so glad it introduced me to the cowboy genre of romances.

Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon) - Alyssa Day

This is the second time reading this one and I think that might have influenced my very slow read of it.  Some parts were too slow and the duality of Justice was a bit weird.  I love the series, but I think this is my least favorite in the series.  He sacrificed himself to protect his brother Ven and Ven’s mate, in Atlantis Awakening and was Anubisa’s prisoner for months.  When he finally gets free, he isn’t the same, his Neried half has come forth and now he has two voices in his head, his and the Neried's.  Both Justice and Keely have had visions of each other, so when they set eyes on each other for the first time, Justice claims her immediately and she thinks he is crazy.  There were no surprises and I guess that is what kept me putting it down instead of continuing to read it. It is also the end of the school year, so things are crazy. I love the series and I am enjoying re-reading them, but this one was a bit hard to keep up with. I do look forward to reading more and if you haven't read the series at all, please do so.  It has stuck with me since I read it the first time and is one of my all time favorite series, which is why I am reading the whole series again. :-)

Christmas in Atlantis - Alyssa Day

I enjoyed Dare and Lyric's story. I heard about them when I read January in Atlantis, so I looked forward to going back and reading about them. Dare is a pirate who has lost his ship due to some poor choices and when near death, the only place he wants to be is with Lyric. When he stumbles into her art studio and collapses, Lyric is terrified that she has lost her chance to tell Dare that she has loved him for a while.  She nurses him back to health and he whisks her to Atlantis for Christmas. He knows he is no good to her, but can't help wanting to be by the woman he loves, but it becomes impossible to be just friends. Their story was passionate and sweet.  I really liked Lyric as a character, she was dynamic and easy to relate to. She hates being defined by her disability (blindness), and the few times people treat her like something less, she really stands up for herself which I loved watching.  Love the series and look forward to more.

Never Deny a Duke (Decadent Dukes Society #3) - Madeline Hunter

It was an enjoyable story. The passion was good, but a bit on the tame side, description wise, which was fine. Just go in not expecting a Donna Grant or Christine Feehan style with the passionate scenes. I enjoyed the characters and the concept, and the plot was steady and flowed well. I would have liked to see more emotional tension between the two main characters once they were married and Brentworth was sometimes too aloof, even when he declares his love. Overall, I liked it, but a bit on the tame side for my usual tastes. 

Heart of Stone (Bad Things #5) - Cynthia Eden

Sabrina is the last Muse to walk the earth and she has a stalker who is hurting women because he won't physically hurt her, his Muse. She goes to Luke for help and Luke is back at his machinations and his match-making because he sends Adam Cross to be her protector and to eliminate the threat.  When they get together the action is as explosive as the passion and the stalker is one crazy SOB.  The story has some emotional tension and Sabrina has to let Adam go in the end to save him, or so she thinks, which adds to the tension and pulls the reader into the heartbreak and the joy when they get back together in the end.  I enjoyed the story and the characters were strong and interesting. Another good one in the Bad Things series :-)

Off the Grid - Monica McCarty

This one wasn’t as good as book 1. The switching between Kate and Colt (which was so intense; I wish it was their book), to LC and John, and then John and Brittany got tiring after a while. I get why it had to happen; I don’t think it would have been a strong plot without it, but I wanted more of Brit and John, and then I wanted it to stay with Kate and Colt. The plot itself was good, conflict was strong, and character development was good. Not yet decided whether this will be as good or better than her Highland Guard, but will read more in the series. I want Kate and Colt’s book for sure. They will be explosive. Brit and John had their highs and lows which make for great romance and this one takes place mostly in Europe, miss Scotland :-P. I’m glad he opened his eyes before it was too late and lost her for good.

Night Angel - Lisa Kessler

A short, entertaining story that was a bit rushed but still good.  I haven't read any in this series yet, but the concept does sound interesting with classic vampire story traits plus other mythology story traits thrown in, too.  I enjoyed the characters and the plot.  The conflict wasn’t too complicated and wasn’t over done.  This was a novella, so it does have some of those rushed traits, but overall a quick and enjoyable story.

Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant

Oh, things have heated up!!! The battle is literally around the corner and this one ends on a cliffhanger or sorts.  V has his sword back, but he has lost the ability to wield its magic.  Claire has kept a secret since moving with her best friend Sophie to Deeagan; she remembers everything from the battle against the Dark Fae, including the Dragon Kings, but she keeps the secrets and pretends to not remember any of it, afraid they will take her memories away.  V and Claire spend more and more time together, the Dragon Kings get together to play matchmakers for once, and the love that blooms is sweet and magical.  There are some major surprises in this one that I will not divulge. This one was just as good as all of the rest.  No major battles in this one, more like building for the big one against the Queen of the Light, which will hopefully happen in the next book, no major drama or struggles for the couple to overcome or survive, so this one is kind of like the calm before the storm.  So good and can't wait for more.

American Witch - Thea Harrison

This was so good. It had action, passion, strong characters and the story wasn’t rushed at all. It happened slowly and the characters took their time, which was nice. Now the book itself was a fast read; I had a hard time putting it down. The conflict was strong and well developed. It takes place in the Elder Races universe, but I don't know if this is going to be a spinoff series, or if this is a stand alone story.  I hope there will be more books because I want more from Josiah and Molly and I want them to kick more butt and defeat the villain.