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Dragon Burn: A Dark Kings Novella - Donna Grant

This one I knew what to expect because I accidentally read past it and so it is referenced in the books that follow, so there were no big surprises. But that didn’t take away from an enjoyable story, and I liked Sebastian and Gianna. It isn’t my favorite, but I think that is only because I felt like I had already read it before. It has all of the great traits of a DG book and a DK novel-- adventure, passion, intrigue, and excitement.

Archangel's Viper - Nalini Singh

I love the characters in this series so much. They are vibrant, dynamic, and so entertaining. Venom has been one of those very interesting characters from the very start. He always came across as cold and distant but with a subtle sense of humor that sometimes showed itself. Holly was a broken woman after Uram got done with her but it was clear from the very start that her and Venom had a connection. I loved their story; their banter and bickering was fun to watch. Also, seeing Venom slowly open up to her was sweet and beautiful to watch. I love them as a couple and their adventure was exciting. Uram is trying to make a resurrection and he is trying to through Holly. Holly knows that if Raphael and his Seven find out that Uram has been whispering to her to do things that it would mean her end. But she plans on going down fighting and comes to realize that once you are taken in by the Seven, you are family and they don’t give up on their own. Loved it and still love this series a lot.

Hour of Darkness - Lara Adrian

This was my first try at an audiobook and I am not sure I like the format or not. Have to mule over it for a few days I think. I’m a visual learner so not being able to see the words or imagine the story as I read it was a bit hard. But the story itself was good. Always enjoy a good Breed novel and the new spin-off series is great and opens up some fresh story lines. This was the second book in the series and the characters were good. He was definitely a rough dude; coarse, abrupt, and cold most of the time. She was an interesting character, though the reader was a male who tried to give her a Russian accent and that kept throwing me off. Him softening his voice anytime she spoke, I think, was one of the negatives of an audio book. The plot was good. The conflict interesting and kept me listening hour after hour. The book was like 6 hours long and I sat through the whole thing, start to finish. The story was good. Mixed feelings on the format.


What do you all think of audio books? Do you like them? Are there ones out there where females read the female roles and guys read the male roles or is it usually one reader for the whole book? I’m curious. Do you find it difficult to imagine the story? What are your all’s thoughts?

Highlander Ever After - Paula Quinn

Great characters and entertaining plot made for yet another great MacGregor story in a long line of great stories following several generations from the same family.  This one follows the heir to the chieftain, Adam, and a woman sworn to marry him by the machinations of the Queen and future king of England. They definitely had a rocky start to their marriage but Adam is persistent and doesn’t give up on trying to make Sina feel welcomed on Skye, until they receive a letter from the new king demanding her return. At first he doesn’t seem inclined to fight for a woman that from the get-go told him she loved another, but distance does help the heart grow fonder and weeks after her return to London he comes to win her back. I enjoyed their story and I am glad that it does work out among all parties involved in the end. Sweet. Passionate. Exciting. And enjoyable all around.

January in Atlantis - Alyssa Satin Capucilli

It was great to return to the world of Atlantis and it's warriors.  This the first book in the spin off series that started with the Warriors of Poseidon and we have a prodigal son return after years away from his homeland. He has his scars and he doesn't take crap from anyone, so when he is unceremoniously recruited for the new set of elite warriors to fight for Atlantis, he isn't exactly thrilled.  But when he, and the other 2 new recruits, find out what their first mission is, the misfits jump on board to stop some demons from sacrificing a bunch of innocent girls. This takes them to Early, Nevada and into Eva's bar and when Flynn sees Eva he knows there is something down right special about her.  The chemistry between the two is off the charts, which doesn't hurt the situation, so when he finds out she is in danger and that she knows about the gang they are hunting, he sets out to both protect her and use her.  Eva has been running for years from her ex and she is tired of being afraid, so when Flynn tells her he needs her help she sees it as a way to reclaim who she used to be and save a bunch of innocents.  It was a very entertaining story, action-packed, and passionate.  They were sweet together and the moments in the desert were the highlights of their budding romance.  I am glad that Flynn is reunited with his brothers and that Eva is free from her evil ex.  Great and fun story.

Magnolia Mystic - Lisa Kessler

Book one in the new series focuses on the quartermaster, Colton, and a psychic named Skye. It was fast, novella length, but still enjoyable.  He did propose rather quickly but it was still a sweet start to a new series and one I will read more of. The plot concept is good and book one sets up the conflict that they need to find out whole stole the Grail and retrieve it before it can be used for nefarious reasons. I look forward to reading more in this series.

The Duke I Once Knew  - Olivia Drake

Fifteen years have passed since Abby saw the Duke of Rothwell, and when she took the governess position at his estate, she never dreamed she would see him again. He had left her life, broke his promise, and never returned. She is tired of being at her family's beck and call and wants finally to do something for herself, so she takes the position as governess to his younger sister.  She is in for a world of surprise when not only does she see him again but she gets trapped in his library while he has an assignation with his mistress. How embarrassing when he finds her trying to crawl out of the room undetected.

He never wanted to return to his childhood home, and he certainly never wanted to see the girl he thinks spurned him when he moved away. He has lived a wild life in the 15 years since leaving, and as he is trying to seduce a woman into becoming his next mistress, what he doesn’t expect to find is the girl he once loved and wanted to marry in his employ without his knowledge sneaking around his library.

The chemistry between the two was great from the start and their back story added an interesting plot element as they try to come to terms with the fact that his father worked to keep them apart all those years ago.  I enjoyed their story a lot and the plot and conflict worked steadily to keep the story going from start to finish.  There were not a lot of slow moments and I liked the villain being the woman who wanted him for herself. Enjoyable all around and a beautiful love story.


Not the Duke's Darling - Elizabeth Hoyt

Elizabeth Hoyt's stories are always so enjoyable and filled with strong female leads who aren’t afraid to be independent and go for what they want, even when what they think they want blinds them to their heart's true desires. This story centers around two families that were torn apart by tragedy and 15 years later two members of those families find themselves at a house party together. Christopher doesn’t remember who Freya is and she is quite put out about the fact he doesn’t remember her, even though 15 years ago she was just a 12 year old girl, and he was her grown brother’s best friend. She looks the part of a demure and polite companion, but when she spits vitriol at him every time they talk he can’t help but be drawn in to this curiosity of a woman. When she challenges him to a duel, he gets far more than he planned and from that moment on it is one steam filled moment after another while she tries and solves the mystery of where a neighbor's wife is being held captive. I enjoyed the story. I always enjoyed Hoyt’s take on Regency romance and this one doesn’t disappoint at all. Fun. Entertaining. Lively. Passionate. And full of adventure. I look forward to more.

The Good, the Bad, and the Duke - Janna MacGregor

A cute and romantic story about redemption and fated love set during the holidays. I enjoyed it after it got underway a bit. The characters were good, the plot entertaining, the conflict enjoyable, and the love story was sweet.  I am glad that Paul got reformed and was shown that he wasn’t a reprobate or a scoundrel, but someone who deserved love and forgiveness.  I liked how strong LAdy Daphne was, she was a great partner for Paul and a catalyst to help mend the rift between him and his old friends that he hurt years ago with his actions.  Overall, an enjoyable story for the holidays with entertaining characters and an enjoyable plot.

My One and Only Duke - Grace Burrowes

I had a difficult time connecting with the two main characters. I’m not sure what exactly it is about the two characters that I didn’t connect with, but I struggled to keep up with them and their adventure. The plot was entertaining but I have liked other Grace Burrowes a lot more than this one. I had a hard time getting engrossed in the plot and conflict, though I really did enjoy how the conflict was resolved. I’m glad he got a happily ever after and that she finally stood up to her father. I will read more in this series, I just think I didn’t click with the characters and that hindered my enjoyment of the story. It isn’t a bad story; the plot is good, just not my favorite.

One Hot Summer Night - Deborah Cooke

This wasn't my favorite in the series. I had a hard time connecting with the plot concept. What Gabe did 7 or 9 years ago was noble, but in the end, he was married and had a fling with Lexi. It was a bold concept for a Deborah to tackle and I certainly commend her for breaking barriers; however, with my own past experiences, I couldn’t get behind this love story.  It does end well for all parties and Gabe and his wife Daphne definitely didn’t have a real marriage, but marriage is marriage. I’m also shocked at how calm Gabe was when he discovers Lexi’s big secret that concerns how they met the first time 14 years earlier. How can he be so calm about it? I’m trying not to give any details away, there are some doozies in this one. I liked Gabe and Lexi, it is just how he wasn’t honest up front with her when they get together until after the fact that I found to be messed up. He should have been honest and things should have been resolved before they took things to the next step.

To Catch a Rogue - Bec McMaster

Oh, so good. Man, Russia was intense and Lark’s back story was so well developed. So much drama. So much depth. So much action. Loved. Every. Second. Of. It. Lark and Charlie have been around since book one in the original London Steampunk series. Charlie is Honoria’s brother who Blade helps deal with the craving virus. Lark showed up with Tin Man very early on and Charlie and Lark have been inseparable ever since. They grew up together and when Tim Man is killed Charlie leaves Lark behind and she hasn’t forgiven him in the years since the revolution. But they are brought back together finally because Charlie is part of the Company of Rogues and he needs Lark’s expertise to rescue Malloryn from the enemy’s hands. What he doesn’t understand is that by asking her to go to Russia literally puts her life in danger and brings to light all of the secrets she has been hiding her whole life. I loved their story. I loved Lark’s background story and how it connects to Obsidian. So good. I want her brother Nicholi to have his own story and I am SO ready for Malloryn’s story too. I read the teaser at the end of this story and his story is next. YAY. So good. So intense. So awesome.

Kiss Me at Christmas - Valerie Bowman

This was a cute holiday story with adventure, a kidnapping, an indecent proposal, love and hope, and two characters that are strong on their own but unstoppable together. I liked the story. The romance was good; the passion and emotional tension was great. I liked Daffin and Regina a lot. They were strong characters and I enjoyed their interactions with each other and I’m glad that they got their happily ever after.

Broken Angel - Cynthia Eden

Lila is on the run from the Lord of the Dark and he has sent his best and most violent hunter after her. Rayce has known from the moment he helped rescue her from a mad man that she was his and so he has been hunting for her ever since she ran from him. But he has now found her and where he finds her shocks him, and the why she is in a seedy black market bar makes him angry at the state she has found herself in. All he wants to do is protect her, but she keeps running from him but when a new player comes to the fore with very clear agenda where Lila is concerned Rayce refuses to keep chasing her. Their story was enjoyable.  There was plenty of action and passion and the emotional tension between a very Dark paranormal and one who should be nothing but Light made for an enjoyable love story. I do hope that Rayce and Luke Thorn work things out though. They are family and Luke was simply working his strings behind the scenes in order to bring them together. I look forward to the next installment.

A True Cowboy Christmas - Caitlin Crews

This one was hard to stick with. It was slow and the characters had some hang ups that I thought dragged it down some. She was quick to believe everything was wrong with her and that everyone thought the worst of her, yet they never actually did. I liked the concept, the passion was good, but the plot was slow. The culmination of the conflict at the end was great; it had strong emotional tension and angst, but his role reversal from I can’t love you to I love you seemed a bit extreme. I’m glad he had an epiphany about what he actually wanted from his life, but I think he was so stubborn about it for much too long. Overall I had a hard time wanting to keep with the story but I am glad that Abby got her happily ever after and her Christmas.  

First Earl I See Tonight - Anna Bennett

I liked the characters in this one a lot. Gray and Fiona were great together. His blend of cold distance and the inability to trust, and her openly selflessness and compassion work great together to make for a wonderful love story. I’m glad Gray found a way to open up and love again and I liked Fiona’s spirited and determined drive to win Gray over. She was bold and didn’t give up. The plot was strong, the conflict believable (and sad being who the bad guy ends up being), and the passion and emotional tension all roll up into a great story. It is an easy read; easy to fall in love with and the characters are well drawn and captivating. I do recommend it, though I did skip a lot of the journal entries because I wanted to get back to the interactions between the characters, the series has great potential and I want more.