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Scot Under the Covers - Suzanne Enoch

This was a fun read, the passion was great, and the characters were strong and I enjoyed the plot a lot. I do wish Vale got more than he did in the end, punishment-wise. He seemed to give up too quickly at the end that it was almost anticlimactic. I loved the part where Aden had help getting into the bank. Overall, good story, and I loved how Miranda proposed to him instead of the classic guy doing the proposing. Too perfect.

The Last Real Cowboys - Caitlin Crews

It starts out a bit frustrating with how blind all the men around Amanda seem to be when it comes to her, and her wants and needs. I got quite annoyed at Brady when he kept treating her like a child who didn’t know any better or her own mind, but from the point at the barn that he tries to use as a goodbye gift to the end of the story, it becomes a sweet country, small-town romance that was enjoyable and sweet. The passion was good, not overly descriptive, but still enough to keep the pages steamy. Amanda was the best fit for Brady and when she stood up to his brothers for him, that was the best scene in the whole series, I think. Both of his brothers needed to be dressed down for how they treated him. I liked it. I think Hannah and Ty’s story might be my favorite out of all of them, but this one was enjoyable and entertaining.

Dark Alpha's Temptation - Donna Grant

I love a good DG book and how her series always merge and flow together is awesome. The Others have set their sights on The Reapers and I don’t think they truly understand the power they are up against. The battles to come are going to be epic. Dubham and Kyra worked so well together that I didn’t even realize I was half way through the book. Their story was passionate, entertaining, and the conflict between her and her mother added to the bigger conflict of the Others that keeps building. Such an easy and enjoyable read. I want more!!

Forever My Duke - Olivia Drake

This one took me a while to get through, because life this school year has just been crazy, but in the end it turned out to be a really enjoyable story with strong characters, a captivating plot, and a multifaceted conflict that kept the story moving well. I really liked it. A stuffy English duke gets his life turned upside down by an outspoken American woman who refuses to curtsy and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Their love story built slowly and felt real, not rushed, which was really nice. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about this story. Hadrian and Natalie are great together and Leo is just adorable. I definitely recommend this story, whether you have read book one or not, this one does stand on its own really well.

One Hot Holiday - Cynthia Eden

Very cool Christmas story full of action, passion, good characters and an interesting plot. I liked it, not my favorite in the Wilde series, but definitely not dull or boring. This one focuses on Spencer, who we met in other books. This time the setting is his small town where he is the sheriff. Haley is running from a very bad guy and Spencer has an interest in being her hero. We have twisted FBI agents, hired thugs, Wilde agents to assist in the capture of a crime lord from NYC, and a sweet and romantic holiday tale all rolled up into a good story. Definitely a good story to read during the Holidays.

Forever and a Duke - Grace Burrowes

I almost didn’t want to finish this one. Half way through, I started skimming through sections. I was bored. The characters did not keep me interested, and I am not sure why. The conflict was tame (family betrayals and not believing she was worthy of him) and the passion was also very tame. I like Grace Burrowes, but this one just didn’t do anything for me. The first two in the series were better than this one, and I am sad to say this one was definitely forgettable.

A Kiss in Lavender (La Vie en Roses) (Volume 4) - Laura Florand

I loved this series, it is warm, sweet, romantic, and this one was all of those things.  Elena was a beautiful character with scares and Laura didn't lose site of even the smallest details with this character from start to finish.  Elena truly couldn't understand the concept of someone choosing her, based on her history of always being left behind or discarded.  Lucien had his own scars and I loved watching him reunite with his cousins, come to accept that he is still part of the family regardless of blood, and his reunion with his father was poignant. How he ended up choosing Elena up in the lavender fields was the perfect touch at the end of the story.  The only thing I wanted to see happen was to find out how Antoine was connected to the family, and that wasn't revealed. I don't know if there is going to be another book or not, I hope Antoine gets his own story, but other than that detail I enjoyed this story and the whole series.  It was refreshing and sweet and still had passion (which is a must) :-).  If you are looking for a classic romantic story with passion and just enough drama to keep you turning the pages, plus characters that jump off the page (love Tonte Collette and the grandfather SO much), I highly recommend this series.

Breath of Passion (The Muse Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Lisa Kessler

This one was very enjoyable. The plot is continuing to develop in the series, this one has two surprises in it that I wasn’t expecting, one of which had me tearing up at the end. The characters were interesting and well developed and I liked their story while we continued to deal with the followers of Kronos and then her ex-boyfriend, which added more depth to the conflict. I liked it. The passion was a bit more tamely described than I like, but it was there and good. I look forward to more in the series, especially Mikolas’ story. Can’t wait for that one!

Shadow and Ice - Gena Showalter

This one was hard to get into. It is the first in a new series for Showalter, so I am hoping as the series progresses it gets better.  The characters are good and the plot concept interesting, so I’m not sure why I had a difficult time wanting to pick it up and read. I will read more to see how this new series unfolds. I enjoy Gena Showalter’s way of telling stories so I am hopeful I will grow to like the series more.  Knox and Vale are good together and I enjoyed watching the hardened and cold Knox fall for the human turned combatant, Vale. Vale's personality was strong and she had spunk, I enjoyed watching her win Knox and come to terms with her new normal. I am hopeful the series gets better and I will definitely pick up book 2 to read, but thus far, not as good as her Lords of the Underworld or the Original Heartbreakers series.

Out of Time - Monica McCarty

The third book in the Lost Platoon series was full of so much action, an intense plot with several plot twists, a conclusion to the main conflict in the series and an opening for a new spin on the series. It was great. Loved every second of Natalie and Scott’s story. I really don’t want to say much because there is so much that goes on that I don’t want to spoil it. Natalie and Scott had a hard road ahead of them to deal with her betrayal, her role in what happened in Russia, and his ability to bend the rules from time to time. Colt and Kate’s story was also so good and I liked that they got back together and had their own happily ever after, but that is all I’m going to say on the subject. You definitely should read this series. It is filled with intrigue, suspense, great and well developed conflicts and plot and great characters. I’ll hope there will be more in the series.

Leopard's Run - Christine Feehan

This one started out really good, but about a quarter of the way to the end I got bored with it. There is so much sex in it that there wasn’t enough story to get me to the end of it. I like books with a lot of passion in them, but this takes it to the level where it kind of ruins the story. Now this isn’t my first Leopard People’s book by CF so I know this series takes having passionate scenes steaming up the pages to the next level and beyond but there needs to be more story there too. I didn’t hate it like I have a few others in the series, I do like the Amurov Leopard’s, they are very interesting men raised in a very dark world trying to make it better the only way they know how. Timur is the brother of Alonzo from Leopard’s Fury. He is head of security and the Enforcer. He has accepted his fate even when he hates every second of it. When Ashe is found working at the bakery, first he is pissed that Evangeline didn’t tell him before hiring  her, and second, he knows he can’t let her get away. She calms his Leopard and that is a peace he has never known. She, of course, has brought trouble to his families’ door and he doesn’t like it, but it doesn’t stop him from going after her and discovering she is his mate. The action was intense, the bad guys are ones we have had to deal with on more than one occasion and the Amurov’s clean house in this one. I liked the characters I just needed more plot and less passion (never thought I’d say that, lol). I need to take a break from CF for awhile, her books are just too intense.

Covert Game (A GhostWalker Novel) - Christine Feehan

This one was intense. The couple reminded me a lot of Vittorio and Grace from Shadow Warrior. He was very dominant and she was submissive, but unlike Vittorio, Geno seemed more open to learn to compromise for Zara, and Zara definitely stood up for what she truly believed in. I enjoyed their story, hate what she went through, totally understood why Geno had to seek vengeance the way he did, but I did like that he felt remorse after that. She softened him up a lot, which I found so romantic. The action was intense, as always, the conflict great, and the plot premise good. There is a lot of sex in this one, but it wasn’t as off-putting like some other CF Ghost Walker books or even Leopard books can be. Not my favorite in the serious, but definitely not the worst, I think my least favorite is still Spyder Game and my favorite is blank Game. Overall enjoyable and entertaining installment in this series.

Shadow Warrior - Christine Feehan

Intense just like all the rest. He is a very dominating man and she has lived a lot of her life dealing with abuse and fear. When Grace jumps out of a trunk and fights back against being sold for human trafficking, Vittorio knows she is the one. When she jumps in front of a bullet to protect him, he decides he will do whatever it takes to win her forever and protect her from her adoptive brother who is hell-bent on controlling her life and every aspect of it. The story was good. I think she was a little too submissive at times and he, too domineering at times, but they did make a cute couple and the story was good. Great villain and conflict. The drama with the Ferraro family is going strong. I want Emma’s story so bad!  There has been 3 books in this series so far, this one wasn’t my favorite, but it was good and kept you turning the pages from start to finish. The passion was intense and the culmination of the conflict, good. Very enjoyable.

A Cowboy Like You - Donna Grant

The next installment in the Hearts of Texas brings us the very loyal Sheriff, Danny, who has played an important role in all of the books starting with book 1. Skylar is the one that got away and Danny finds himself in the right place at the right time to save Skylar from an abusive ex-boyfriend who has followed her from Houston.  He doesn't even want to think about what could have happened if he hadn't gone out to the rest stop to eat dinner.  Skylar never thought that she would return home, but when she runs from an abusive situation, home is exactly where she ends up and runs into her high school secret crush, Danny, when he comes to her aid.  From the get-go, the sparks and attraction between the two are obvious to all and when her ex-boyfriend ends up being from a prominent Houston family, the Harpers and Easts come to her aid and return all of the favors Danny has done for them in the years they have known each other.  Their story was sweet, with a bit of adventure, a nasty bad guy, and a dramatic conclusion. I enjoyed their story, but I think I liked the other three more than I did this one, not sure why, but I think it was missing something. Not sure what though.

Once Upon A Cowboy Christmas - Soraya Lane

I really enjoyed this story. It took the couple 15 years, but they finally got their happily ever after. Cody ran away when his mom was fighting and dying of cancer and when he did, he also left (and forgot) about the girl he loved. 15 yrs later he comes home for Christmas and finds her as his dad's nurse. And he doesn’t recognize her at first!  The scene was great, watching as his dad spills the beans right in front of both of them as to who she is.  She doesn't hold any punches either about how she feels about him now. Lexi hasn’t forgotten Cody, and she hasn’t forgiven him either. Their story was sweet, passionate, had the emotional tension that I love in a story, and the ending, was perfect. Loved it and want more from the other siblings who haven't found their true loves yet.

Under the Mistletoe - Deborah Cooke

This was a very cute story about the tattoo artist who instigated three women to seek out their happiness and true love by giving them secret heart tattoos. The story was sweet, steady, passionate, and romantic. Trevor was a perfect match for her and I like that he went after what he wanted. Chynna’s backstory was heartbreaking. It was a very cute and easy read, though not my favorite in the Secret Heart series, but I am happy with how it turned out for Chynna.