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The Duke Who Ravished Me
Diana Quincy
The Hellion - Christi Caldwell

Hate is a powerful emotion. So can love, but to get to the later hate has to die first. Adair Thorne has hated those that came from the Diggory Gang since he was a boy tortured by that notorious gang leader and that includes the Kiloran siblings. Now the Blacks have to keep to the end of a bargain they reached with one Cleopatra Kiloran, which is to help one of her sisters snag a lofty lord for a husband. But when their gaming hell is burned down they believe the Kilorans are to blame and the little spitfire that comes to his friend's home to talk about the fire and bargain, sparks both his ire and his blood.

Cleopatra hates all things Black and she enjoys teasing Adair the most, but when she decides that it should be her sacrificed to the betterment of her family’s ambitions and finds herself living in the Black residence, she finds it next to impossible to avoid Adair. Their slow build to a friendship and then love was steady and entertaining to watch. Both characters were strong and well developed and both were very headstrong that the back and forth between the two kept the story going. The conflicts developed were both intense and hard to overcome, but when they are, the happy ever after is that much more wonderful to see. I enjoyed their story and want to go back and read about the other members of the Black gang because going into this first book in this spin-off series made it quite clear that it wasn’t the start for the characters and all of them are fascinating and interesting that I want more from them. I loved Adair and Cleopatra.

Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon - Kerrelyn Sparks

This was such a fun and entertaining story. The banter between Gwennore and Silas was fun to watch. He was such a jokester with depth. Gwen didn’t know what to think of his teasing and so she couldn’t take him seriously; she much preferred the dragon she named Puff to the General, which irked Silas something fierce. There are so many secrets in the land of Norveshka that Gwen finds it hard to trust anyone there and it doesn’t help that Silas’ method of keeping their working relationship a secret is by letting the courtiers think that she is his mistress. She has never been accepted by people other than her adopted sisters, so the snide comments and cruel rumors about her makes her desperate to go home. Silas knows he wants her, but he also knows that she doesn’t want to stay, but when spies are discovered and then murdered, and the truth about the Ancient Ones true curse comes to light, he knows that there is no one else he wants by his side through it all then Gwen. He just has to convince her to trust in him and not a dragon and he has to do it without revealing the best kept secret of his people-the true origin of the dragons. Too bad Gwen is too smart for her own good.

The Secret of Flirting - Sabrina Jeffries The next book in the Sinful Suitors series brings us the very serious and often times rigid rule follower, Gregory Fulkham. He is the spymaster for the British government and he has been placed in charge of a conference to select a king or queen for the newly independent country of Belgium. What he never expected to see was the French actress that captivated him three years ago walk into the ballroom and be called the Princess Aurore of Chanay. He knows it is her but she insists on the farce and will not come clean. When her life is threatened, he whisks her off to his country estate where their chemistry heats up the page and their confrontation with the truth peaks. The story was great. The interactions between the two main characters was dynamic, explosive, humorous, and sweet. Loved every minute of Monique winning the rigidly standoffish Gregory and help him break many of his own rules. I loved it and it is another great Sabrina Jeffries story.
Lost to a Spy - Sharon Cullen Book three in the All the Queen's Spies brings us the murder of Darnley, the King of Scotland, which was hinted at in book two, Bound to a Spy. Lady Emma is walking home when she witnesses the murder right before a massive explosion lands her in the care of Tristan, an English spy turned printer. Tristan isn’t sure why he brought Emma to his home, he just knew he couldn’t leave her in the streets. It doesn’t take him long to see it as the opportunity it is when he discovers she witnessed the murder of the king. She is very reluctant to believe Queen Mary knew of the plot or that Bothwell, a close adviser to Mary, was in on it. But she can’t refute what Tristan says or what she hears on the streets. The people don’t trust Bothwell and she comes to realize the Queen, she loves isn’t woman she is now. Tristan and Emma get to know each other during the week she spends in his home and she comes to trust him, the first man ever since her abusive husband’s death several years ago. So she puts into Tristan’s hand her full trust, and what comes out of that is beautiful and passionate. However, the morning after she comes to discover evidence that paints Tristan as not so honest or innocent and she fleas back to Holyrood palace where she speaks with the Queen and overhears Bothwell speak of rounding up printers for questioning. She rushes to warn Tristan and the resulting adventure adds drama, suspense, hope, and determination to an already successful plot. I loved how everything unfolded. I liked the escape from Scotland and the scene with Tristan, Emma, and Queen Elizabeth shortly after arriving in England.  I hope LaGrange gets his own book and I want to find out what happens next in the intrigue and drama at the Scottish court.
A Rogue of Her Own (Windham Brides) - Grace Burrowes

 Charlotte Windham is a fierce protector of women who have found themselves in a delicate situation. She has no interest in getting married and she is the very last Windham cousin not married. However, she does need to be ruined so the men stop proposing and cornering her at various social functions. She wants to be left alone to pursue her goals of continuing her work. Lucas is the wealthy commoner who is the neighbor to the Duke of Haverford (Elizabeth Windham’s book, No Other Duke Will Do).  In that book, we met Lucas and for a good portion of the book he came across as the villain when in truth he wasn’t. He is a successful businessman who has a colliery in the process of being built. He is in town to find a business partner when he rescues Charlotte from an aggressive suitor. It doesn’t take them long before he proposes marriage, though both of them only see it as a business transaction. She is attracted to him but is worried he will try and stop her work, so initially she refuses him, but is later caught kissing him by none other than the Duke and Duchess of Windham, the scheming and matchmaking masterminds of the Windham family. Lucas and Charlotte find themselves married and on the way to Wales shortly after that. They don’t know each other and don’t know how to start. Their marriage reminded me of what marriages were actually like back then, which is sad, though theirs had a happily ever after. They grow close very slowly, but when it comes out that Lucas’ business partner is the same man who ruined Charlotte's best friend a rift arises. It seems hopeless for a few weeks but Charlotte has come to realize she really loves her husband and misses him, and he comes to realize how he wants his marriage to be and they both come to a very tentative understanding. He sets off to seek justice for Charlotte’s dead friend and the son she left behind, and in doing so, discovers he has friends in high places and not all aristocracy is evil and spoiled. I loved Charlotte’s confrontation at the end with her friend’s lover and I love that Lucas overheard it all. Priceless. Perfect. Romantic. And sweet.

The Rogue Not Taken - Sarah MacLean Man, did King act like an ass more times than not throughout the whole story. The things he said to her was sometimes intense, I certainly was pulled into the story and felt for her so many times.  It was emotionally intense and I had a lot of times where I had to stop reading to have a mental argument, saying exactly what I wanted her to say to him anytime he said something harsh. There was only one love scene; which usually disappoints me, but in this case the plot line and conflicts the two had to face to get to the one time made it make sense. I think if there had been more full-on love scenes it would have actually taken something away from the story and the relationship between Sophie and King. Sophie's roller coaster of an adventure had a lot of emotional strife all perpetrated by King the idiot ass. But he does finally take his foot out of his mouth and makes things right and they both get their happy ending. I enjoyed this story. I felt so much for Sophie and I look forward to book 2. :-)
Can't Hardly Breathe - Gena Showalter Book four in the Original Heartbreakers brings us the first of the next three damaged men, this time ex-military instead of ex-foster care. We met Daniel in Jessie Kay’s book. He is her really good friend and he and his two pals run a security firm from Strawberry Valley. Daniel has been using Dorothea’s inn as his personal stomping ground with his dates. We met Dorothea in Hallow’s book. She is a sweet curvaceous beauty who hasn’t had a lot of good fortune in her life. She has loved Daniel since he was a senior and her a sophomore in high school, but she has kept her distance because she doesn’t believe he could truly like her when he seems to go for stick thin tall blondes and she in nothing like that. Daniel does find her attractive, but her shyness has caused him to keep his distance; however, when she shows up at his hotel door in nothing but a trench coat, he can’t believe his eyes and he behaves poorly. He almost ruined any chance with her from the get go, but he works to rectify the situation pronto. I enjoyed watching them grow together, learn about each other, and become stronger individuals because of their relationship with each other. This series is just so enjoyable, real and down to earth, yet still has the tense emotional strife that pulls the reader in and keeps you turning the pages. Love it and am ready for more.
The Harder You Fall (Original Heartbreakers) - Gena Showalter Book three in the Original Heartbreakers brings us West, the enigma and computer nerd billionaire game developer friend of Jase and Beck. He is an enigma because for the past ten years he has only allowed himself to have a relationship with a woman for two months out of each year, different girl each time, and on the anniversary of their two months he breaks it off completely. He even goes into his two month romances with all of his cards on the table and it always happens that the women always think they will be the one to win him and keep him. Since moving to Strawberry Valley, one woman has infuriated him and intrigued him and that is Jessie Kay Dillon, the older sister to Jase’s girl, Brook Lynn. Now he has sworn her off because she slept with both Beck and Jase when they first moved to town while she was still a major party girl and he refuses to get with a girl his friends have had, no matter how much he wants her. Jase and Beck both know he has the hots for her and no one understands why he won’t pursue her, but he continues to resist and it is a battle of wills and wits the both have come to both enjoy and hate that keeps bringing them back into each other’s sphere. Jessie Kay has sworn off partying, men, and sex until she finds the man who will want her forever. She no longer wants to be wanted only for a good time and is working really hard at trying to make it up to her sister for all of the hassle and stress she put her through because of her behavior. She likes West a lot, but she actually thinks he hates her with how they always butt heads, so when he flirts with her out of the blue and looks her way like a starving man eyeing his next meal, she doesn’t know what to make of it or expect. But when he shows up to Harlow and Beck’s wedding with his next flavor of the two months she refuses to spend another second secretly pining for a man who doesn’t want her for anything but a one night stand. Sparks definitely fly between these two and when Beck and Harlow and Jase and Brook Lynn’s happily ever after forces West to leave his home to avoid all the lovey-dovey, he finds himself in Jessie Kay’s driveway and decides what the heck. He moves in and starts trying to convince her to be his next two month romance, but he comes to realize rather quickly she wants nothing to do with having a one night stand or a two month relationship, she wants it all or nothing. When his prospective girlfriend threatens Jessie Kay, West gets very protective and possessive. As the threats keep coming, they get closer and closer until he finally explains his reasons for his two month thing. She understands, but she also won’t settle. I loved their story. I loved watching them clash wits against each other and the personality of Jessie Kay was so vibrant and loud; she just jumped off the page. I loved it and am happy to see all three guys find acceptance, love, forgiveness, redemption, and happiness. They all had horrible experiences in foster care, and Jace in prison, that I really wanted to see them find peace and they did. Loved it and so glad this series didn’t end with them. On to more!! YAY.
Legend of Love:  Muse of Epic Poetry - Callie - Lisa Kessler

Book two in the Muses series brings us Navy Seal, Hunter, and the psychologist, Callie. He is sent to her after a rough mission, but he has no interest in talking and getting his head examined by an "old man". When he discovers that his doctor is a beautiful female he still doesn’t want to talk about how his mission went wrong but he does want to go out on a date. Callie holds out strongly and stubbornly, but Hunter draws her in and when she discovers he is her Guardian it makes it even harder to resist his charm. As they grow closer, the Kronos Worshipers single Callie out as their next victim and it is up to Hunter to keep her safe. I enjoyed their story. The Order of Kronos is a bit weak for the bad guys. The members are part of a big oil conglomerate and yet they have to brain wash someone in order to make him fanatical enough to murder without question. They need to be more ruthless and aggressive. They come off as a bit passive compared to the strong protagonists in the story. Other than that, I enjoyed book two as much as book one. Looking forward to reading about Reed next.

I Knew You Were Trouble - Soraya Lane

Book three brings us Nate, the head of the King family, and Faith, his best friends little sister, that he swore to stay away from for all times. Even though he has had the hots for her for years, he kept his promise to his friend. When she shows up on his doorstep looking for help and a safe place to stay he knows he should say no. But when she shows him the evidence of why she needs somewhere to stay and why going to her brother is a bad idea, he can’t turn her away. Now that they are living under the same roof, their friendship heats up and even Sam can’t keep them apart. I liked their story a lot.  I enjoyed watching them grow close and get to know each other better. I do have to admit though that I think I liked Chase’s book better for emotional tension. Faith and Nate’s conflict was a bit tame, though it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of their story. It was sweet, passionate, romantic, and enjoyable. All in all, a cute and great series.

Dark Alpha's Night: A Reaper Novel (Reapers) - Donna Grant The next Reaper story was alright. I felt like they they came together quickly and once they did, it was kind of rushed. It had a novella feel to the sequence of events. It was Daire’s story so I expected and wanted more. He is the Reaper that has been following Rhi so I feel like I’ve gotten to know him the, best so for his story I wanted it more elaborate like the Dark King’s books. I wanted it to have highs and lows, passion and adventure, and more development. I did like the character of Ettie and the concept of the sword of Erith’s. What is happening to Death is adding more to the overall plot of the series and I want more from her and Cael. I did enjoy the story but it doesn’t stand out like some others in the Dark universe.  This was an enjoyable read, but because of it being Daire's story I just wanted more.  
Cowboy Take Me Away (A Texas Kings Novel) - Soraya Lane

Cowboy Take Me Away is book two in the Texas Kings series. I really liked watching Chase, a one-and-done player, work so hard to win the one girl he has loved for years but has never acknowledged even to himself. They met in college and she was the one and only girl to tell him no, and in that 'no' a strong friendship bloomed until one night after graduation, the two best friends gave into their passion, ruining their friendship. He hasn’t seen her in five years, so when she ends up being the AI sent to help him with his organic cattle endeavor he sees it as a second chance, but he isn’t sure what that second chance is or how far he wants to take things. She has loved him secretly since college and she hid her feelings very well. He never suspected even as he flirted and dated other girls all through their college career. But a consequence other than the loss of a friendship happened the night they gave into the passion and now she doesn’t know how to tell him that he is a father. When things are revealed, let’s just say it got ugly and tense. They had a lot to overcome and there were times I wasn’t sure how they would be able to move ahead and forgive past sins. I enjoyed their story. The conflict added an emotional tension to this story that kept me interested and it was hard to not read when I should have been working. I definitely liked book 2 better than book 1. I’m looking forward to Nate’s story next.

The Devil Wears Spurs - Soraya Lane

I got a taste for Soraya Lane when I read The Cowboy Stole My Heart through NetGalley so I thought to try some more. I liked what I had read and hoped for the best. Now in all honestly I only read book 1 because I wanted to read book 3 and I hate reading out of order. A youngest grandson who gambled and loses his inheritance and a down on her luck bartender who happened to be good at poker didn’t exactly catch my interest so I did go into reading it not expecting much. It was good. The middle was slow but I liked the characters and they carried the story. They were strong and real and Chloe and her back story really pulled me in.  The plot was ok, the villain was scummy, which was expected, but her dad making an appearance and Ryder (love the name btw) coming to her defense was just so delicious and added some tense moments where Ryder saw the real Chloe behind the reformed poker player. I enjoyed the story and am diving right into book two, which should show that the series definitely has appeal and so do the King brothers. Yummy cowboys, and here I’ve never really been into the cowboy type but so the King brothers are definitely appealing.

The Hotter You Burn (Original Heartbreakers) - Gena Showalter

Book two focuses on the playboy he-slut, (her phrasing for him) Beck, and Harlow Glass the school yard bully turned homeless girl who has been secretly living off the land the men now own that she lost. This one was so good. Better than book one because unlike book one Beck didn’t sleep with a sister first, he just slept with everyone else but when he sees Harlow stealing his pie from inside his home, he can’t let her get away. So he takes a page out of Jase’s playbook and hires Harlow as a freelance artist for his company. While having her work for him, he sets out to win her and she was hard to win. She knows his reputation and she knows that she can’t be a one-and-done girl on his resume of conquests. But she also can't help and see what others don’t, that he is just as scared as she is, but where her scars are on the outside, his are all internal. I loved it. Loved their story. Loved returning to Strawberry Valley and seeing how Jase and Brook Lynn are doing. These guys are so scarred and it takes a special kind of woman to win them for keeps. Great story.

Judgment Road - Christine Feehan

The first book in the new series that spins off Sea Haven and Sisters of the Heart focus on Czar's motorcycle club members.  This book focuses on Reaper, one of Czar's enforcers.  Reaper has not known compassion and knows that he is too damaged to ever find what Czar and Blythe have together and when he sees Anya, he knows that he has to get rid of her before he does something he will regret.  Anya is running from some very unpleasant people who murdered her roommate. She knows she doesn't fit in with the biker crowd but she starts to feel safe in Casper and from the moment she set eyes on Reaper, she knew he was the one for her.  When she over hears him demand that Czar fire her and the nasty things he calls her, she realizes that he is the cold and cruel man that he portrays.  Reaper comes to her aid after some drunk bikers corner her in the parking lot of their bar and from that moment on he knew he couldn't let her go, even though he knows he can't give her what she deserves. Their love affair had highs and lows, intense moments, and when he is forced to watch as she is interrogated by his brothers he knows that he could very well lose her forever.  The scene where she is interrogated was so intense and emotional. The after path was poignant and perfect.  Their whole story was great, I had to go back and re-read several scenes they were so good.  Loved it and hate that I now I have to wait for the next one.  I am so happy to return to Sea Haven and I want more!

Maybe This Time: A Whiskey and Weddings Novel - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin This is the second book by this author I have read and it was quite enjoyable. The characters were cool, the plot was entertaining, and the conflict strong. They have secretly liked the other since high school and twelve years later he is her boss. Now since high school, she has had a chip on her shoulder towards him, too. She overheard him say some nasty stuff when they were in school and she hasn’t forgotten it or let him have one peaceful moment. She is feisty, and likes to give him a hard time all the time. He has liked her for years but now that he is her boss he tries to keep his distance and their back and forth verbal spats don’t make it easy. But when he sees her with a rival bar owner, he can’t sit by silently any longer. Their chemistry was fiery, which isn’t surprising based on their back and forth verbal fighting. She is so insecure in why he might actually like her and her defense mechanism is to push away. They were sweet to watch work through their struggles and come to terms with their love for each other. It was an enjoyable story.