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It was a cute story, a bit slow at times, but overall a cute romantic story.  I had a hard time sticking with it. There was some passion, the story line was alright- nothing over dramatic- Gillian was engaged to a guy that really didn’t respect her dreams and he breaks things off shortly before the wedding, and Tucker is a rough-around-the-edges guy that just retired from the military who sets his eyes on her as his forever and works towards that end.  It was sweet, just a bit slower than I like. I made it to chapter 12, which is 57%, before I had to start skimming through it to get it done, which I never do. If you like sweet home-town romances without a lot of drama or emotional turmoil to get through, this is a Romance for you! It is on the tamer side for those who don’t like too much sex scenes. If you prefer stories that have more steamy scenes from start-to-finish (not necessarily sex just chemistry) than you will find this more on the tame sweet side, nothing wrong with that, just go in expecting it. I did like Jackson more than I did Tucker.