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Wyvern's Angel
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Red Wolf (A Shifters Unbound Novel) -  Jennifer Ashley

I had a hard time getting into this one. They were already mate-claimed when it starts and they had a lot of starts and stops in the passion department and every time they turned it off like it was no big deal, which made it and them hard to believe. Also, they are best friends and have been for 20 years or so; and yet, they don’t know they love each other until much later into the book, and act surprised when they acknowledge it internally to themselves. I don’t get that. It was obvious from the start they loved each other, respected each other, depended on each other, wanted each other in their lives, yet they were unsure whether they loved each other?  It didn’t make sense. She also sometimes came across as if she teased him with the mate bond, strung him along and he was ok with that when we find out later he knew she was his mate of his heart from the moment they met 20 years ago.  It didn’t add up. I did like returning to New Orleans and to Jasmine’s haunted house. Loved every scene at the house. The excursion into Faerie was exciting and the conflict was good, I just didn’t like how the relationship developed. I think I would have much preferred if from page one they acknowledged their love and mate bond and went into the story already an established couple.

Claimed in Shadows - Lara Adrian

Aric Chase is kind of like royalty in the Order as son to Stirling “Harvard” Chase and Tavia. He has worked his way up the ranks and wants nothing more than to run his own team. On his way back from England, he is ordered to take a detour in Montreal in order to aid in an operation only a Daywalker, like him, can do. He is teamed up with Order rookie Kaya who is also dedicated to earning her spot in the Order. They butt heads at first and she doesn’t think much of him. He is a rich charmer that comes across as not having to work too hard for anything in his life, while she grew up poor on the streets and had a rough life until she fell in with the Order. While on their mission, things don’t go as planned and she thinks she has ruined all chance for her to earn a spot on a team. Aric is definitely drawn to her but he isn’t looking for any sort of entanglements, especially not a Breedmate, so he tries to keep his distance but the spirit and drive he sees in Kaya appeals to the same traits he has to accomplish his goals. They work together to try and stop Opus Nostrum and their war against the Breed, but with every lead they discover, someone beats them to it and kills the suspect violently. As more leads die it becomes apparent that they have a mole and Aric can’t help but see that Kaya isn’t being honest with him and is growing more and more distant. It isn’t until it is almost too late to stop the attack that she comes clean about her secrets. It was enjoyable and entertaining. Action packed and passionate. I feel really sorry about his best friend Rafe so I really hope his book is next and whomever he ends up with will definitely have a battle to earn his trust after what happened to him in this book. So good. Want more.

Midnight Unbound - Lara Adrian

The novella focuses on the Hunter, Scythe, and a widow named Chiara. It is set in Italy, on a vineyard no less, and these two come together to deal with a stalker who broke into her home and attacked her. Scythe is called into deal with the threat and he really doesn’t want to do it. He is attracted to Chiara and her son Pietro, but he lost a woman and son he cared about many years ago and he refuses to get involved in another pair in danger. He grudgingly agrees and they go back to her home to wait and catch the stalker because they know he will come again. Scythe tries to avoid Chiara and Chiara is frustrated with his cold demeanor, but she can’t help being drawn to him as well. Their story was enjoyable. It is a novella but their relationship was started in another book so the quickness of the relationship was believable and not quick at all. The plot was entertaining and the conflict was strong. I liked the characters and the struggles they faced in order to have a happily ever after. I enjoyed it.

Born of Darkness - Lara Adrian

First in a new series that follows the genetically created Hunters from Dragos' assassin project brings us Breed warriors who have only known cruelty, loneliness, death, and fear. Asher is a Breed male living out in the middle of the desert content with his quiet, lonely, yet peaceful life on his ranch. He doesn’t like going out where people reside and when he is heading home from just one of those supply trips and sees a kid getting manhandled by a trio of goons he really doesn’t want to get involved, but he does. What he doesn’t expect is a short spit-fire young woman who won’t stop talking and ends up being a Breedmate. He still wants nothing to do with her, but is honor bound to protect her. When she steals his truck in the middle of the day, he is hell bent to teach her a valuable lesson and save her from the casino boss she is stealing money from.

Naomi has known pain and sorrow and wants vengeance against the casino boss who murdered her mom. She also wants to keep helping the street kids her and her best friend having been helping for going on 18 years, ever since they met on the streets themselves when they were 8 years old. The audacity of the Breed male who thinks to send her off the a Dark Haven for her own good has another thing coming if he thinks she will just go meekly away.

Their story was intense, fast paced, entertaining, and very passionate. When Asher’s truth comes out about the role he played in the Hunter program, she has a hard time coming to terms with it all. I’m glad she got her vengeance and I am also glad Asher found himself a home and family. Enjoyed their story and look forward to more.

The Legend - Donna Grant

Book three in the Sons of Texas brings us the oldest Loughman, Wyatt, and Callie. Their story is similar to Owen and Natalie’s; they had a relationship and then Wyatt broke things off and left 15 years ago with no intention of coming home. He is known as the cold brother because he never shows emotions and he doesn’t express his thoughts. He also blames his father for his mother’s murder and so he really didn’t want to ever come home to the ranch. He is also the only one how didn’t want to look for Orrin. He and Callie team up and Callie doesn’t hide how she hates him, and doesn’t like anything to do with him and his choices. She resents his disdain for a father that she would love to have as her own, and she doesn't understand how he can throw that away. She is quite vocal in her negative opinion of him, but while they hole up in a cabin while looking for clues to help bring down the Saints, they can’t run from their attraction. 15 years is a long time to build up tension and things get explosive. When Callie is shot, Wyatt decides it is time to head back to the ranch to make a stand. Along the way, new friends are found, old ones step in to fight, the father and sons are reunited, more members of the Saints are revealed and dealt with, and the culminating action at the end was epic. Great story. I’m glad Wyatt and his father mended things and that he stopped running from Callie. I hope this isn’t the last book in the series. So much has yet to happen and there are at least two men, maybe three, that I hope get their own book.

Torched: A Dragon Romance  - Donna Grant

I have looked forward to Ulrik's story and this did not disappoint! OMG, I loved every second of it.  It is 386 pages long and I read it in one day; it was perfect and handled the backstory well and it was believable as Ulrik slowly came back into the fold with Con and Dreagan. Eilish was a strong, well developed character who was a perfect match for Ulrik. Their chemistry was explosive and they worked well together. I liked that she didn't push him or try to change him, which I believe is why she was able to win his love in the end.  It this installment we do have an epic battle between Mikkel and Usaeil vs. Con and Ulrik (that is right they fight side-by-side).  So many pieces are being moved around and Donna Grant does a really good job keeping the plot and conflicts moving along without getting confusing or complicated.  Everything flows together well. I am not going to talk about any of the plot developments because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but know that it is awesome and things that we want to happen, happen.

Dragonmark: A Dark-Hunter Novel (Dark-Hunter Novels) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

This installment of the Dark-Hunter series was hard to get into. Things moved way too quickly with the couple, and Edilyn supposedly hated dragons but the moment she is asked to mate with one she didn't hesitate. I didn’t like Edilyn in the beginning; she came across as naive and under-developed because of how rushed their relationship seemed to evolve. Compared to Illarion, she was flat and not a strong match for him. The plot seemed rushed and jumped ahead a lot for such a small book. The plot did improve a lot after they were forced into another realm by Morgan le Fey and things took a turn for the worse. Once Illarion was in modern times and reunited with his brothers and the rest of the DH crew joined up, it became really good. Apollo is up to no good again and he teams up with Kessler, the Gallu demon, and they want something Illarion has guarded for centuries.  Once in modern times, Jossette and Cadegan's story, Son of No One, and Maxis and Sera's story, Dragonbane, is relived but through Illarion's point of view. That was cool revisiting those two stories. Apollo uses Edilyn to try and manipulate Illarion and that whole portion of the book and the conclusion was good, though I would have loved to have some more time with the characters being they were separated by hundreds of years.  Once they were reunited, I wanted more. Overall, not my favorite in the DH series but not bad.

Deadmen Walking - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Another awesome book by Sherrilyn Kenyon, this time with pirates!  Loved every second. I loved the backstory, the characters were so diverse, and the plot entertaining and engaging.  Devyl and Mara were awesome protagonists and I hope they make appearances in the Dark-Hunter series so we can see how they fare in modern times.  Love to see characters show up in other books.  There wasn't anything I didn't like about this historic adventure set on the high seas with pirates who fight to protect the world from demons. The concept is inventive and fun. Devyl and Mara have been through so much together and I am glad they finally worked through their past so that they could have a future, loved them so much and am ready for more!

Shadow Keeper - Christine Feehan

The third installment of the Shadow Riders series focuses on Giovanni Ferraro, the one who was shot and can’t travel through shadows, so his job has become the quintessential playboy in order to give his family the alibis they need to do their work. He hates it. It has caused him to become jaded and cynical because all of the women he meets only want his money or the publicity his family name can provide, never ever him. Sasha is a waitress in the Ferraro club in Chicago and she unfortunately overheard him tell his brothers and cousins about a game that is vulgar and demeaning. A game based on points earned for having women do certain things without being asked or told; they have to offer it freely or initiate it. The moment Giovanni sees that Sasha has overheard the rules of this game he doesn’t understand his reaction to her anger and judgement of him but the fact that she stands up to him in her own way snags his attention. When he later has to rescue her after she is assaulted by other customers, he whisks her away from the club and that starts the whirlwind relationship between the two. She doesn’t take his crap and she speaks her mind and she doesn’t trust why Giovanni seems to be pursuing her. They are both stubborn and strong willed. When he finds out she is working two full time jobs to pay for her brother’s medical care, he can’t help but admire and respect her more and more and he really wants to take care of her, though she tells him how she feels about that quite succinctly. Sasha has had it rough ever since her parents were killed in a car accident and her older brother suffered a severe brain injury. She knows she doesn’t belong in Giovanni’s world but she can’t help but be drawn to him and see beneath his public persona. When a stalker breaks into her apartment Giovani and the rest of the Ferraro family come to her aid and the conflict becomes more complex and intriguing. They have to work together to figure out who her stalker is and it isn’t a clear cut case to say the least. I loved their adventure. The plot was multifaceted and engaging. The characters were entertaining and strong and I loved coming back to the Ferraro family. The series is really standing out in the Feehan universe for me as one of my favorites for sure.

The Protector: A Sons of Texas Novel - Donna Grant

Book two of the Sons of Texas picks up where book 1, The Hero, ends and this time it is with Cullen, the youngest, and Mia, the freelance pilot who was the last to see Orrin. They follow the breadcrumbs to try and find his father and to stop the Saints from getting their hands on the bioweapon. This one is just as good as The Hero. Definitely a spy/Jack Ryan type story line but with romance thrown in. It is delicious, adventurous, exciting, and intense. Mia and Cullen are great together and the plot line is getting better and better. The bad guys from book one, aren’t actually bad guys, Orrin might have a new love interest after 20 years of mourning his murdered wife, allies are murdered and the layers that are slowly being pealed back against the Saints are just showing even more layers and the deeper and more complex the true villains become. It was so good.

The Hero (Sons of Texas) - Donna Grant

The first book in Donna Grant's Sons of Texas was refreshingly different from her Dark World universe. I enjoyed every second of this spy thriller adventure with the first of the three Loughman boys coming home to find his uncle and aunt murdered, father kidnapped, and his childhood sweetheart, that he left after graduation in order to protect her from his kind of life, neck deep in trouble with the Russians. Natalie has tried so hard to forget Owen the past 14 years since he turned his back on her and their future without explaining why, so when he shows back up to find murder and mayhem, she tries very hard to keep her distance while trying to find his father. Both have a lot to work through and while trying to do that they are dodging bullets, Russian hitmen, ties to the Russian Embassy and government, and dealing with the fact that the boys totally misjudged their father. I enjoyed their story and I look forward to the other two boys having their own adventures while trying find and save their father and keep a bio weapon out of Russian hands.

Set the Night on Fire - Laura Trentham

I loved returning to Cottonbloom, such distinct and strong characters, and the plot was entertaining and passionate.  The love story was sweet with a bit of the emotional tension that always heightens the storyline.  Mack and Ella were perfect together, so strong they jumped off the page. The conflict of her having bought out Ford’s share of the Abbott garage, and how Mack wants the interloper gone as quickly as possible, was well executed and developed really well.  It made for such a great story. Ella hasn’t had it easy and she has made something out of her life and doesn’t want to hand over control to a man ever again.  Mack is such a take charge and manage everything kind of guy that Ella totally shakes up his well oiled life in a way he isn’t sure he wants.  I loved every second.  It was sweet.  It was beautiful.  It was romantic.  Such a great small town romance series.

The Warrior of Clan Kincaid - Lily Blackwood

Ever since book one, I have looked forward to the next book in this series.  The characters are so captivating and intense.  Cull the Nameless is such a dark and dangerous character; with his slave background, his cold demeanor, and how he responds to Derryth.  Derryth comes across as a spoiled young girl too superficial and selfish, until she is almost raped and then capture by Cull and his army who are hellbent on taking Inverhaven.  What Cull and Derryth do not realize is that he is the third and youngest lost child of the murdered Laird Kincaid and that the Wolf of Badenoch wants him to take it and kill the “imposters”, not realizing that they are in fact his brothers.  The story is engaging, intense, action-packed, passionate, poignant, and perfect.  I LOVED the “I chose you” scenes between Cull and Derryth.  I’m glad that in the end, he got his name, and a family, and a woman that loved him so much.  His ordeal, I think, was the worst of the three brothers and he definitely deserved a happily ever after.  Loved every second of the story and highly recommend the series.

One for the Rogue - Manda Collins

A cute story about a head-strong and independent woman set on staying unmarried and focusing her life on her geology field, and one equally stubborn male geologist that can’t help butting heads with her every time they meet.  The story had adventure, a murder mystery, a theft that needed to be solved, and two people so perfect for each other that they couldn’t help but get onto each others’ nerves every chance they got.  It also had passion and a sweet love story.  It did have a few slow moments but overall it was an enjoyable and well-developed story. It didn't have any emotional strife or tension that can heighten a story, but it was cute and enjoyable and I liked the two main characters quite a bit.

The Duke of Lies - Darcy Burke

This was a fun story.  Verity and Kit were great characters and they carried the plot really well.  I liked the concept; a man pretends to be a duke in order to steal funds to buy a new ship, meets his dead half-brother’s clearly abused widow and her son, and comes to realize that life on land can be home even more so than the sea if you have the right people in it.  Their adventure was enjoyable and entertaining, and I am glad Rufus ended up in fact being dead because, from all accounts, he was a horrible man, and I’m glad that Verity found true happiness with a man who could appreciate her. Beau, her son, was a priceless character, and I think it was definitely him who won Kit’s loyalty and love first. He was just too precious to resist and Kit was no match for him.  The villain and conflict were engaging and fit the story really well. Overall, I really liked this story.  I haven’t read a lot by this author but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  It has passion, suspense, adventure, humor, and strong characters that all blend into a great love story.

Only With You - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

Oh, my goodness! This was such a great, yet heartbreaking, story.  The ordeal Aiden went through as a kid, and how much he struggled to deal with it in the present while trying to be with Hannah, broke my heart.  The topic was definitely handled well, the story was perfectly paced and believable being he had to struggle with real demons. Hannah was the perfect match, but it did break my heart as she tried to get Aiden to open up and he kept putting roadblocks up.  Loved every second of their story; it was priceless, poignant, and perfect.  I am really glad Aiden got to have a happily ever and when he proposed to Hannah was both funny and beautiful. Her reaction was priceless. This is a must read and the series, I have read two thanks to NetGalley, is definitely one to put on your TBR list. I couldn't put it down.