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A Rogue of Her Own (Windham Brides)
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Should've Been You: A Man Enough Romance - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

Sweet, small town romance centering around two people who have known each other all of their lives but have thought the other didn’t like them. Jase has always loved Becca but he has also always thought he knew that she didn’t like him at all. He is best friends with her twin sister and when he gets a glimpse of Becca after several years his attraction is as strong as ever. Becca has had a secret crush on Jase since they were kids but he has always been partial to her twin sister so she has kept her distance. Now Christmas brings them all back together and when her sister gets engaged Becca tries to make sure Jase is ok and they start telling truths to each other. But the problem is that Becca is  in a long term relationship and is hoping for her own engagement soon, so when they share a kiss, she feels totally guilty and rushes home. There is drama, strife, passion, secrets and lies all rolled up into a sweet romance about two people finally getting together and finding their true happily ever after. I enjoyed it. It was strong, tense at times, had highs and lows and a good steady pace in development.

Death Below Stairs -  Jennifer Ashley

Go into this knowing it isn’t a romance. It is strictly a murder mystery though she does start the very slow development of a possible romance between Kat and Daniel. If you go into it not expecting what you typically get with a Jennifer Ashley book, you won’t be disappointed. I was expecting her typical passionate story but there is no romance at all. A few stolen kisses and looks, but nothing else, so it left me disappointed. Now, will I read more, yes because I want Kat and Daniel to get together and I want to know who Daniel really is but I don’t know how long I will be willing to wait. The story was slow, sometimes so slow it was hard to stick with. It did develop the plot and conflict but it was just slower than I wanted. Daniel was a great character, he is the one that kept me interested. I wanted to know more about him and whether he likes Kat or not.

Heat - Donna Grant

The next Dragon King’s book delivers so much. Ulrik is looking less and less like the villain (YAY), Rhi had some devastating blows emotionally in this one, and guess what, Con was the one there for her! Nikolai and Esther were great together. Their passion and chemistry were awesome on the page.  The plot was great. The conflict was strong. The dynamic of how things are progressing was flawless in this one. Loved it. I feel so bad for Rhi; she can’t seem to get a break at all. So excited with where the series is heading and what is in store next.

Dragon Fever: A Dark Kings Novella - Donna Grant

Asher is sent to Paris to the annual World Whiskey Conversation instead of Con. Rachel is sent in to investigate him and write an article revealing all of their secrets to the world. What neither of them suspects is that the moment they meet sparks fly and a fever rises between the two of them. When it is revealed that Ulrik sent Rachel, Asher is disappointed in yet another human, but he turns the tables on her and he reveals his past and in so doing wins her trust and loyalty. Of course, he then has to rescue her from Ulrik, which gives us a spectacular surprise about how far Ulrik has come with his magic. Typical goodness. Great passion. Though a novella, I didn’t mind the rushed romance. I like coming back to the Dragon Kings again and again. Love me some DG!!

Leopard's Blood - Christine Feehan

This one was passionate x 100 from start to finish. It kind of reminded me of Eli Perez and Catarina’s story, the one I’m not a fan of, but unlike that one this didn’t have that domineering vibe to it. It was crazy how they kept at it but their story and their struggle to trust also came through. When the truth comes out and Joshua is terrified of losing her and Sonia is devastated by yet another betrayal it was hard to watch.  I felt so sad for her and for him. He was nothing like her past experiences but she didn’t know that and the fears were so ingrained in her, of course, she was going to jump to the wrong conclusions. I like that he didn’t hold it against her but rather worked to prove to her he wasn’t wrong for her. Their story was intense, action-packed, and passionate. Not my favorite in the series but I did enjoy it.

The Closer You Come (Original Heartbreakers) - Gena Showalter

Jase is an ex-con with a lot of scars and nightmares. All he wants is a quiet life and a fresh start. Brook Lynn is a small town girl trying to make ends meet and rope in her wild and crazy older sister. When they meet, he is actually in bed with her older sister, and she doesn’t give him a second thought until he dumps her into their backyard pool to cool off from her fight with her party girl sister. From that moment on they can’t help but think of each other and when he offers her a job, she can’t resist (partly because she gets fired from her other two jobs because of her sister and her health issues). I loved their chemistry. I liked that the relationship developed really slow and steady, it wasn’t rushed, it felt real. I liked how she helped him with his demons and the sparks definitely flew and were very hot. Their passion and developing love was great to watch. I loved how he was redeemed and saw that he did have a right to a happily ever after and how she was strong enough to go for what she really wanted, which was a life with Jase.

Going Dark (The Lost Platoon) - Monica McCarty

Monica McCarty is well known for her historical Scottish romances, especially her Highland Guard series, so when I heard she was going to start a new series set in modern times in Scotland focusing on Navy SEALS, I had my doubts. I was pleasantly surprised. She writes just as good modern romances as she does historical (though the Highland Guard will be really hard to beat).  I loved it. I liked the premise; a group of Navy SEALS that are betrayed and have to go dark in order to unearth who betrayed them. Dean is set up as a charter boat captain in a small village in the Hebrides of Scotland. He goes by the name Dan and he is very blunt and a bit rude to Annie who is there to protest oil drilling with her boyfriend. She is naïve and soon finds herself in a whole lot of trouble and it is up to Dan to rescue her, though he fights tooth-and-nail their attraction while they try and discover the real murderer, real plot that the ecotourists have planned, and get Annie to safety and Dan back into hiding. Dan finds it harder to leave Annie then he expects and when her life is threatened again he knows that he will never let her go again. It was passionate, adventurous, thrilling, suspenseful, and fun to watch Annie and Dean grow close together and fall in love. Loved their chemistry and their partnership. Great start to a new series by one of my absolute favorite authors.

Alec Mackenzie's Art of Seduction -  Jennifer Ashley

I always enjoy more MacKenzie adventures and I really like how Ashley has set up these pre-Mackenzie romances focusing on the ancestors that brought us Ian, Hart, Cameron, Mac, and Daniel Mackenzie. Though I don’t like thinking too hard on the fact that the couples I’m falling in love with now are no longer around when the first books I read and fell in love with take place. Makes me hunger for immortal highlanders not mortal. Anyway, loved the adventure Alec and Celia have in the hunt for his missing brother Will. I do wish the part where he turns cold and distant for days and then suddenly tells her she can trust him when her life goes to hell was done a bit differently. She is such a strong-willed female I would have loved for her to give him a verbal set down and a piece of her mind when he turns cold towards her, or that he had to come to the realization that he couldn’t actually push her away like Lady Flora wanted him to. I wanted that small scene to be done differently. Other than that, I liked who ended up being the villains and who were not villains, and I liked how her mom didn’t get her way. Such a nasty woman. Their story and romance was sweet, passionate, beautiful, and adventurous from beginning to end.  Can’t wait for Will’s story.

A Wedding At Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

Book two in the Two Love Lane series focuses on the computer and math wise Greer. Since she was a little girl she has dreamed and planned her dream wedding and she has finally found the dress she wants. Now she just needs to find the perfect man. At an auction to try and buy her dream dress she runs into a stranger with a British accent and an intriguing personality. She doesn’t get the dress, and shortly after she runs into her ex that she walked away from four years ago back home several states away. She never dreamed of running into him on the streets of Charleston or that he would be with his fiancé or that he was friends with the intriguing British guy from the auction. So, things get a bit turned upside down in Greer’s usually predictable and dull life. She enters a contest to win her dream dress, gets into a fake proposal with the British guy, poses nude for his painting, and falls hopelessly in love with him.

Ford is in Charleston to get away from a disastrous breakup back home. He was left at the altar and his ex-fiance left him for his best friend. So he doesn’t trust love. He wants nothing to do with it and isn’t looking for any sort of relationship. But something about Greer and how she is so open and is going for what she wants, even in an unconventional way, intrigues him. He also wants to paint her, so they set up a partnership. He will be her fake partner in the competition to win the dress and she will pose for his painting. Sparks fly but he works really hard to keep his heart out of it.

I enjoyed their story. It was a cute, Hallmark-style romance but with a lot of passion thrown in. The conflict of him not being able to open up and trust again added some emotional tension to their love story and when he comes back to win her it was so romantic and perfect. I actually wanted more and wished the whole wedding was a little slower or that there was more after the wedding. I wanted more from Greer and Ford which was good. The author left me wanting more but happy with how things turned out. I wasn’t ready for it to end.

The Rogue Is Back in Town - Anna Bennett

The last Lacey sister is content to stay home and take care of her eccentric uncle. Sam only wants to redeem himself in his older brother’s eyes, and in order to do that, all he needs to do is evict Alister and Juliette from their long time home. Juliette’s first impression of Sam is definitely not flattering and she hates him on site for barging into her home telling her she and her uncle need to move out looking like he had just fallen out of bed after a long night of drinking. A reluctant bargain is set that allows Sam to stay at the home, while Julie looks for proof that her uncle owns the house and not Sam’s brother. Sparks fly really quickly but Julie resists because she can’t trust the words of the notorious rake, Sam, and she holds secret feelings for his brother and thinks everything is just a big misunderstanding. But when Nigel proves to be far more the villain and Sam less the scoundrel, Julie can’t help but fall in love with Sam and he with her. The conflict was complicated and interesting. Which brother would she choose? And which brother was the real scoundrel and villain? I enjoyed their story and how everything ended well. I would have loved to hear of something befalling Nigel as poetic justice but I am glad how the story ended for Sam and Juliette. It was entertaining, passionate, had intense moments, and heart warming moments.

Darkness Awakened - Stephanie Rowe

This story was intense at times, action-packed, emotionally gripping, and entertaining. I enjoyed the story a lot. Some of the passion scenes did take place at odd, and I would think awkward, times but other than that I enjoyed it immensely.  Ana is on the hunt for her sister who has been missing and is blamed for several murders she knows she didn't commit.  Her last hope is the Calydon Quinn. He doesn't have time for Ana, especially as he realizes the moment he sees her that she is his destined mate. Their adventure was enjoyable and steady and I liked the plot and conflict. I enjoyed the concept that having a mate wasn't a good thing; that if a Calydon gave into his drive to bond with his mate he went rogue and became a dangerous monster. Quinn and Ana had to prove that myth wrong in order to open the door to the other Calydons finding their mates in the following books. I look forward to reading more about the Calydons and their destined mates.

Once Upon a Rose (La Vie en Roses Book 1) - Laura Florand

Loved it. Loved the setting. Loved the characters. Really wish I hadn’t put this one off for the two years I’ve had it in my Nook library. The characters were strong and real. Nothing was overdone or overdramatic or intense. Just human reactions to misunderstandings and the development of a real relationship, no paranormal or historical plots thrown in. A hearty, sweet, romantic, and just downright enjoyable love story. I will definitely pick up the others in the series and hopefully, it doesn't take me another two years to get to the next one.


Burning Alive - Shannon K. Butcher

Book one in the Sentinels was good. I loved the adventure, the characters were strong and carried the plot well. The conflict was big and dramatic, definitely series in the making good, and the sub characters pulled the reader into wanting to know more about the Sentinels and their women. Drake has been fighting the war against the demons for centuries with no hope of peace of any kind coming his way. He feels his time is slipping away with each leaf that falls but isn’t willing to stop fighting until the very end. When he sees Helen across a diner with fear clouding her eyes he is drawn in, but when he touches her and his decades-long pain ends, he knows he will never let her go and will fight to keep her by his side. She has a crippling fear of fire and of burning alive. She has seen herself burn alive in her dreams her whole life and one man stands by and watches as she dies, smiling. When she finally sees him across the diner, she is frozen in fear, but can’t explain why she is so drawn to the man who is going to stand by and watch her die. When demons attack and she is thrust into a world she didn’t know existed, her life will never be the same again. And Drake is going to make sure she has no choice about the matter. Their story was great. Loved it and will read more in this series.

A Wolf's Love - Caris Roane

He hates her, the hate and distrust is built up well and steady even throughout the mission to save the girl. But the moment the mission is over all of a sudden he cares. He wants to go back to her place. Says 'this won’t change anything but let’s sleep together anyway'. He blames it on the adrenaline. Her side is more believable. It is clear from the start she still loves him but is resigned to not having him. I can even understand the craving to spend the night together for her. The moment that it is all done her crying continues the belief that she wanted what little he was willing to give. But him, I didn’t like his sudden change of heart. At least not in the context that it happened. I would have believed it if Monique confirms to him that she was trying to kill him proving Lauren's story that she was just protecting him months ago when she injured his knee. Would have even believed the change of heart if it happened when he thought he truly lost her. His sudden magic abilities and that he is totally ok with that he is now part warlock after the buildup of his hatred for all things witch just made the whole thing unbelievable and far-fetched. This story had great potential but I think it needed to be a full-length novel in order to do it and the characters justice. I love her stuff, but this one was hard to enjoy for its abruptness and rushed sense of falling in love.

Thanks Fur Last Night - Kate Baxter, Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden

Bearing His Sin

The first one started out interesting with characters that are strong right off the bat. The banter between the two main characters and the grandmother was great. But then the female lead started going back and forth in the same breath. One second she is mentioning not giving in and then she is saying put a ring on it right afterward. The back and forth as to whether she was going to make him work for it or even just be a bit harder to win over, left me unsatisfied with the buildup of their relationship. He was the same, one second he is saying he is going to kill her and then in the same breath he is claiming her as his and she will be his wife. Out of all three, this was my least favorite.


Bought by the Bear

The second story was better than the first. The relationship did feel rushed through. I️ would have liked to have seen more build up. The plot was good. I️ liked the characters. The conflict was strong. However, the ending was rushed. I️ would have loved to have seen the aftermath of the car accident slowed down. I️ mean she must have been in a lot of pain and Xander was like 'I️ can’t wait any longer…I️ love you' and she was like 'oh Xander, I️ love you too'. I️ mean, didn’t she want to know what happened to her ex? And what about the woman who attacked her, was she alive or not? Certain details were really rushed while other details were great but left me wanting more. This story would have been a lot better as a full novel because I liked it, just needed more.


The Alpha and I

Story number three was better than story two. I like Kate Baxter’s style of writing and the story had a good build-up and though rushed (they commit to each other in about 24 hours or so), I still enjoyed it. She was real, her reactions to things were believable and not overdramatic, and his commitment to her was sweet and steady. The conflict was good and the plot entertaining. I do wish that at the end it did show her transition or at least had an epilogue to show the reader how things turned out after she turned werewolf. There was such build up and then an abrupt halt, I didn’t like that at all. Out of all three short stories in this collection, number three was the best. I liked the characters, plot, and development by the author in order to tell a good story.

Cowboy Stole My Heart (A River Ranch Novel) - Soraya Lane

don’t typically go for the western romances. I’m more a paranormal or historical romance kind of gal, but when a rep from a publisher emailed me and asked if I️ would be interested in trying out something new, I️ thought why not. I’m so glad I️ did. I loved this story. I loved the writing style of the author. The characters were so strong, the development of their relationship was steady, real and great. The conflict was authentic and well developed. Mia is such a strong female lead and I loved how she showed Sam that she was no pampered Princess.  Sam definitely has scars and I understand his hesitation to try again at love. When she confesses her feelings the scene was so emotional and strong that I totally felt for both characters and I thought it was intense. How he wins her back was classic Hallmark romance moment, but in this case, it totally worked for the story. I️ loved every second of this story. It was passionate and entertaining and will definitely pick up more from this author and this series.