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The third book in the Lost Platoon series was full of so much action, an intense plot with several plot twists, a conclusion to the main conflict in the series and an opening for a new spin on the series. It was great. Loved every second of Natalie and Scott’s story. I really don’t want to say much because there is so much that goes on that I don’t want to spoil it. Natalie and Scott had a hard road ahead of them to deal with her betrayal, her role in what happened in Russia, and his ability to bend the rules from time to time. Colt and Kate’s story was also so good and I liked that they got back together and had their own happily ever after, but that is all I’m going to say on the subject. You definitely should read this series. It is filled with intrigue, suspense, great and well developed conflicts and plot and great characters. I’ll hope there will be more in the series.