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The last book in the Drake Sisters series wraps up the series beautifully

Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) - Christine Feehan

The last book in the Drake Sisters series did not disappoint.  What happens to Elle in the beginning, though, causes what happened to Hannah pale in comparison. Elle goes through hell early on in the book, which causes Jackson to take the final step towards committing to Elle and her legacy.  It was quite awkward being with Elle and Jackson when he finds her, psychically speaking.  When she goes through, while Jackson “witnesses” it made me feel like I shouldn’t have been in the same room!  The hell that Jackson goes through after he loses the link made me want to cry, his pain was so real.  The conflict and the bad guy were great (story-wise), he added to the tensity of the storyline.  Elle and Jackson’s story, once she is home safe, is touching and heartbreaking, but Jackson does all of the right things and his love for her is very touching.  I loved the story, was sad to see the series end, but am looking forward to reading the spin-off series.  Great series, very entertaining, lots of touching moments throughout the 7 books, strong female leads with males that perfectly match up.  My favorite in the series is still Abby and Aleksander’s story, followed by Hannah and Jonas.  Coming in for third favorite is Joley and Ilya’s story, and fourth is this story.