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Misty and Graham's story is one that I looked forward to reading about ever since they joined the Las Vegas crew in Eric's and Ione's story in Mate Claimed. They seemed to be two people who wouldn't end up together, but their story was beautiful.  Misty is a strong woman and she isn't afraid to speak her mind and share her feelings with Graham.  She is frustrated with him, because he has been keeping her at arm's length and she does have a moment or two where she wants to call it quits.  Graham was in denial for a good portion of the story.  He knew he liked Misty and enjoyed spending time with her, but he kept to the idea that he would mate with a Lupine female, that he wouldn't ever mate with a human. As their story progresses, Graham comes to realize that he can't let her go and that she is his mate of the heart.


The conflict stems from the Fae, this time from one Fae who wants to control Graham and make him his tool for taking over the human world.  As Misty and Graham fight to defeat the Fae, they are also fighting to keep their relationship and keep the Shiftertown secrets and Graham's Lupines safe from more human interference. There is a new player introduced in this installment, his name is Ben and he is instrumental in the fight to save Graham and defeat the Fae.


I enjoyed this story.  It isn't my favorite in the series, but it also isn't my least favorite.  I enjoyed Misty a lot.  She was a great character.  Graham didn't disappoint either.  Overall, it is an enjoyable read and definitely shouldn't be skipped in the series.


I hope Jennifer Ashley will give Ben his own story!