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This was a cute and short story. I enjoy Lara Adrian's style of story telling, but this one just ended up being too short. It was good, and had a good plot and character development, but the ending was just too abrupt and a bit corny. Up to the last half page, I was enjoying it, but it felt like she realized she had to suddenly end it and move on. The whole last scene could have been perfect, if it hadn't been the last scene. I wanted Sorin to sweep her off, back to his Casino and I wanted to experience the mating and their relationship growing more naturally. I mean, they threw around the "I love you" after only really having one night together. They didn't even spend 24 hours together. I wanted and expected more.
This was a cute story and I liked the plot. It was passionate and romantic. But like Lara Adrian's priceless, it was good until the last half page, then it got rushed and ended abruptly. Way before I wanted it to end. I wanted more. It was super short and I just wanted more. I have read two of the stories in volume two and I am thinking that I liked volume 1 more, though it has been a while since I read it. Hopefully the next two are better than the first two.
I loved this one. It still ended too soon, but unlike the first two by Donna Grant (Boundless) and Lara Adrian (Priceless), it was enough of a conclusion that it did leave me satisfied. This one takes on a Cinderella-Esk theme, except instead of a fairy godmother, Lia gets Watchman Pennice. I loved the plot and the two main characters. The conflict of whether Cas will follow family tradition and accept the mate his mother has picked out for him, or go for the woman who captures his eye on the ball (the woman who he later finds out is a servant within his own home). Lia's conflict that she struggles with is her self-image. She was scarred badly in a battle when she was a Temple Blade and that has made her feel like she isn't worthy of a man like Cas, though she does take the one night offered by Pennice and she cherishes every minute. Beautiful story overall. Though there was such potential for this one to be longer! Some things were not resolved, like his mother evil controlling tendencies. I would have loved to have read more of her interference and maybe even see Lia put her in her place, but it didn't happen.
I enjoyed the last novella in Volume 2. I didn't like it as much as I enjoyed the Cinderella-esk Laura Wright story (Dauntless), but I enjoyed it more than I did Lara Adrian (Priceless) and Donna Grant's (Boundless) installments. This one had the very bad boy Tiege who enjoyed the wild orgy style life of a Succubus and Sloane, the ex-Blade who butted heads with Tiege every time they were in the same room together. What neither was willing to acknowledge was that they both desired the other, and it took them being placed in a situation where he needed to feed and she was the only Nephilim available. Their relationship was enjoyable to read about. She made him work for it and I liked that. The Succubi, up to this point, really didn't experience a woman fight back, and Tiege needed that for him to truly see and acknowledge his feelings for her. I enjoyed it.
Overall Rating:
Overall, it really didn't have anything resolved. They talked about the throne and their work to overthrow the Marakel line from the throne, but nothing really exciting happens in this volume. It is like they dragged it out (and not in a good way), so they could have a third volume. The thing is, each story could have been so much more, and they each had their moments where they fall short. I hope volume three is better.