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[ Fallen by Delacroix, Claire ( Author ) Oct-2013 Paperback ] - Claire Delacroix

This story is a who-done-it mystery wrapped up in a post-apocalyptic package with romance and passion thrown in to spice it up. It is complex and I never figured out who the bad guy was until they revealed themselves.  Claire Delacroix creates a post-apocalyptic world using news releases, government press statements and edicts, and short history lessons about how the US got to be where they are in 2099.  She pulls in political commentary, religious and moral commentary, and conspiracy theories in order to tell a story that ended up requiring me to stay engaged. I loved it!  I loved not knowing who the bad guy was, I loved that Montgomery is led to believe that Lilia is the murderer, that she is set up for several murders that are taking place while she is trying to figure out who killed her husband.  On top of that, we have Montgomery, who is an angel who volunteered to come to Earth to complete a mission; so we end up having the whole angels and the devil, good vs. evil theme thrown into the mix. Delacroix tells a story that could have ended up being a jumble of ideas, plot twists, and character development, but she incorporates all of her elements smoothly. I look forward to reading book two, Guardian.