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Viper Game (Ghostwalker Novel Book 11) - Christine Feehan

I loved it. I love the series and this installment didn't disappoint. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters; they had some really great lines between them. I like how Wyatt fought to keep Pepper, and how he wasn't afraid to jump in with both feet.  He knew what he wanted, he understood why she was a afraid to commit andhe worked to prove to her that he wasn't like all of the other men that were in her life, that he was strong enough to stand by her and love her. The action was adventurous, suspenseful, and passionate. The fight to get Wyatt's other two daughters, he has triplets that he didn't know he had, thanks to Whitney meddling again, was detailed and had great description. It had a great storyline.  Wyatt comes home after being injured in an ambush attack and he brings two of his friends with him back to the home he grew up in and back to his grand-mere, Nonny. I liked seeing Nonny again, she is such a great character. While home, he finds out that his grand-mere had been bullied by some military-typed men, and he goes out to teach them a message, that you don't mess with Nonny.  While there, he finds out that Whitney is up to no good again in his backyard. He meets Pepper and a little girl named Ginger. He is drawn to Pepper and he realizes that Ginger is his daughter (she was made in a lab and put into a surrogate, along with her two other sisters Thyme and Cannelle). Once he meets them, he begins his adventure to rescue his other two daughters and win Pepper's trust and love.  This one ends with the introduction of Ceyanne and Trap, who has their story next, Spider Game. I am excited about the next one. Wish I didn't have to wait till January for it, but it will probably be worth it.