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Two passionate stories in one book. I preferred book two, Wild Rain, to book 1, The Awakening. Rio and Rachel were interesting and strong characters. Their story pulled me in and kept me reading. Maggie and Brandt were entertaining, but because it was more of a novella I felt like their story was rushed, that Brandt pushed Maggie too quickly to accept him and her heritage. Rio was a dark and sensual male lead, and I liked him from the start, all hard edges and gruff manners.  Rachel was a strong female lead and the perfect woman to win Rio; he needed someone who would always be honest and selfless in order to show him that not all people are bad. The action was suspenseful and never dull.  The bad guys were hard to figure out and Feehan did a really good job keeping you guessing as to who wanted Rachel dead and who wanted her found safe. I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to book 3, Burning Wild.