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Passion Ignites (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant

This latest installment has the Dark Kings plot and conflict picking-up pace in the escalating war between the Dark Fae and the Dark Kings. In this story, things Rhi is still unsure of herself. One second she goes to Ulric and in the next moment she contemplates Baladyn and his love for her that she finally sees.  Then she goes to the aid of the Kings again. But her moments with Phelan and her revealing emotions when she talks to Baladyn do show you her inner struggle and compassion.


I enjoyed Lexi and Thorn's story. They had all of the typical elements indicative of a Donna Grant novel; passion, emotional highs and lows, and beautiful love affairs. The climax and resolution to this one wasn't as intense as other installments, but it was enjoyable and a fun read. They struggle against the increasing numbers of the Dark Fae in Edinburgh, Lexi is seeking vengeance for her friend's death and Thorn is trying to save the humans in the city.  Thorn tries to ignore his attraction to Lexi but he is drawn to her spirit and courage. Their story was enjoyable and fun. I'm so excited about the Reapers, more is being revealed about her new series and I'm excited. The series is definitely keeping me on my toes and wanting more and more. It is so good!


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