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I found myself kind of bored with the character, Revenant. I'm not sure if it was my frame of mind while reading it, but I wanted more from him. He wasn't as dynamic as Reaver. At first it was hard to get into the story. Revenant had a lot to live up to and in the beginning he didn't come off as strong. We got to know Reaver throughout the whole Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series and Reaver's book was intense!!  Revenant, at first does not stack up to his twin Reaver. But as the story progresses, it does pick up emotionally and passionately. About half way through the story, his relationship with Blasepheme got entertaining and passionate. I especially loved the scene in the hospital after Revenant finds out that she is vyrme and accuses her of lying. That scene is great and after that point their relationship becomes stronger and more open with each other.

The epic battle near the end of the story was intense! The emotional connection between Revenant and Blasepheme was beautiful. I love happy endings. In the end the story wrapped up well, but that is expected from Larissa Ione, she knows how to write a dark and delicious romance story. It wasn't as intense as Reaver, but it didn't disappoint either. I enjoyed it and I enjoyed how it all ended for the characters. Wonderful read and I enjoy this series.