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Donna Grant has done it again! Her new series is delicious and fast paced. The series picks up where Passion Ignites (Dark Kings #7) leaves off, so it flows right into the saga wonderfully.  I enjoyed Baylon and Jordyn's story.  They were passionate and explosive from the very start. The antagonist is formidable and the plot line for the new series has potential. There were a few moments that had novella-esq qualities, like when they come together for the first time, but for the most part the novel didn't disappoint. Sometimes it did feel like Grant rushed the relationship, or the storyline, but other times it came together wonderfully and at just the right pace. They didn't waste any time giving into their desires, but that explosive chemistry also added to the plot progressing quickly and smoothly. The story was never dull.  I look forward to seeing where Donna Grant takes this new series.  It has potential, hopefully it doesn't come off as just another spin-off of her awesome and wonderfully written Dark series (Dark Sword, Dark Warriors, and Dark Kings). Her Dark Kings can stand on their own as a series, and so can her Dark Warriors series; so my hopes are high that this turns out to be another explosive endeavor in the Dark Series universe and a wonderful stand-on-its-own-two feet chapter in Donna Grant's repertoire of delicious romance stories.  I look forward to book two. So excited! YAY!


The book was lent to me through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.