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Scrape: Reveler Series 8 - Erin Kellison

Well, the last book in the Reveler was one big epic battle. The Sandman is free, the Oneiros has helped bring about the collapse of the EU Complex and the Agora, thousands of Revelers cannot wake from their shared dreaming and are dying at the hands of nightmares, and our heroes are determined to save the day. The obstacles they face are bigger than them and it does feel like it is a hopeless battle they will lose. Around every corner something is going on, some roadblock is placed in their way, and at times it really did feel hopeless. Without giving away spoilers, the happy endings aren't all I wanted them to be (one in particular for sure!), but everything does go well and they do save the day. The plot elements were complex and multifaceted. The conflicts were believable. The series as a whole was good, though some of the books I think could have been combined into one. The writing style in this installment made the reader feel what the characters felt; anxiety and fear of failure, yet determined, which made it easy to get into and took the reader on a ride.