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The book had its highs and lows. At times I didn't much like Valentine, but near the end it all came together and I like how it concluded. He was hard to like. Very rough around the edges, almost too damaged and crude. He did have some funny internal dialogue, though, and she certainly had her work cut out for her to redeem him.  He did have a depth to his character, which I liked. Writing wise, he was a well-rounded character (I personally just didn't much care for him). As a character I like him, as the male romantic lead, I found him sometimes too much. Bridget was a strong female lead and she really had to be to match up with Val. She smoothed over his very rough edges. The resolution wasn't a surprise, but in this case I am glad of it. The scene with the Lords of Chaos had to happen to show him what was actually important. Overall, it was good, but not my favorite in the series. I liked how in the end Val helped the Duke of Kyle out with a few choice names of aristocrats in the vile Lords of Chaos sect; they were purely evil men. Anyone who Eve's story knows how evil these men are so I am glad to see either their downfall or the beginning of their downfall.  I hope the Duke of Kyle gets his own book.