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The third installment of the Prometheus Project picks up right where book 2 ends, and this book focuses on the wraith, Theodora, who we met in Delilah and Rafe's story. The fallen angel this book focuses on is Armand, also known as Amorous, who we met in book one. He was one of the two angels that fell to the earth at the Mount Royal Circus. Armand is disheartened by what he has found on earth and regrets volunteering for his mission. He also does not want to kill anyone. He and his partner are tasked with killing the presidential candidate, Maximillion Blackstone, and in order to accomplish this they go undercover at the Institute. While there, Armand and his partner thwart an assassination attempt against the Oracle by Theodora. Armand takes her hostage and away they go on their adventure. He get's Theodora to agree to kill Blackstone and they escape the Institute. Throughout their adventure the sparks fly and the trust build. The passion between the two is passionate and their love story is strong. I loved the epic culmination scene at the end when Theodora realizes that Armand decided to stay on earth to be with her. I have enjoyed this series, is it set up so differently than other series. It has the traditional narrated scenes between the characters, but it also incorporates news bulletins, memos, historical documents complete with "sources" and "related articles". It adds something to the story that has been enjoyable and refreshing. I look forward to reading book 4 next.