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This was another book from NetGalley, that I had also heard about on a fellow book bloggers site or was recommended to me on Goodreads, I decided to take a gamble on. I'm leery of trying out new authors; I already follow more than I can keep up with, and I never know what I will get, but I'm glad I took this gamble. It paid off in an exciting read with two strong main characters, a conflict that was emotionally real and powerful, and a antagonist that was more a horrendous act in the past than an actual person. Niall has returned to his ancestral home 17 years after his father and mother were betrayed and murdered to seek vengeance against one of the two men who stole his home and life from him. What he didn't expect was Elspeth, an innocent beauty with a kind heart and passionate eyes. When he realizes she is his enemy's daughter, he sets out to possibly use her in his plot for vengeance. What he doesn't plan for is growing to care for her deeply, to the point where he even for a short time considers giving up his vengeance so he doesn't have to hurt her. But he does stay with his course and tries to send her away to find a husband, but instead rescues her from a violent attack and ends up being her choice for husband (no surprise there). What is a surprise and an emotional scene is when all of the truth is revealed and the betrayal she feels towards the man she loves deeply. Great story, well written, passionate, and a fun adventure. I couldn't put this one down at all.