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This wasn't my favorite in the series. I couldn't get truly engrossed with the couple. I bordered on disliking Trap. He was an ass and at times too dominate for my taste and she was too understanding of his ass like behavior. He had his sweet moments but it was like he was bipolar; soft and sweet and supportive one minute, aggressive, domineering and sometimes crude in his behavior towards her. She at times was dynamic and then other times she was too submissive and didn't stand up for herself. The conflict in this installment was good; it stood up to the other stories and progressed the plot line of the series well. I just didn't like him as a character. His ass likeness was different than the ass likeness of  King in The Rogue Not Taken. With him, he was an ass and jerk, but there was still emotional appeal to the relationship. I get why Trap is who he is but at a certain point he needs to trust in her love and stop testing her, because that is how it felt at times. He was testing her staying power and her love, and she needed to stand up to him and tell him off and she was too submissive for that.

Even though they weren't my favorite couple, I'm not really into the very dominate male lead, I did still enjoy the latest installment in the GhostWalkers Saga and I am excited to see what happens next. I love the series.